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Lighting Top Related Articles

  • 7). Christmas Lights Aren't Just For Christmas Anymore!  By : Branka Ilech
    Who says that Christmas lights are just for Christmas trees? In fact, why should they be limited to just one month of the year? Renowned designers across the globe are using miniature white lights-traditionally used only for Christmas time-to create unique and unforgettable statements in their client's homes.
    Article Related to: christmas lights, lighting

  • 8). Let There Be Light in Your Bedroom!  By : Parvati Markus
    Winter Solstice is the shortest day of the year, and then the light slowly starts returning to the northern hemisphere. But that still means we have many months of the year when our bedrooms get very little or no light in the mornings, when we get up, and are dark long before we go to sleep. If you’re someone who gets blue without enough light in your life, try brightening up your bedroom by making it feel like summer! Think summer.
    Article Related to: furniture, bedroom furniture, lighting in your bedroom, lighting

  • 11). The Stunning Brilliance Of A Murano Chandelier  By : John Francis
    A Murano chandeleir is a true work of art. These pieces go beyond the normal designs and style, mixing gold with clear glass or adding unique shaped glass pieces. Murano chandeleirs are all made to the highest standards. These pieces are made to last and provide a quality lighting fixture. Murano chandeleirs are in a class of their own. Known for precise construction and superior products, Murano is a company that has gained respect.
    Article Related to: murano chandelier, lighting, crystal

  • 15). How To Choose A Chandelier Based On Style  By : Todd McPhetridge
    Chandelier Style Guide If you are building your dream home or renovating an existing one and want to add a chandelier, this guide will offer information on the different styles to help you make the right decision for your home. In today’s marketplace, you have a myriad of options when it comes to chandeliers. In fact, with so many options available it is very easy for the consumer to get confused or frustrated in the process.
    Article Related to: lamps, lighting, home decor, home furnishings, chandeliers

  • 23). Lighting you Dolls House Using the Copper Tape wiring method  By : Scaled To Fit
    Lighting your dolls house can be one of the most rewarding aspects of building and owning a dolls house. The use of working lights, fires and even televisions can really add life to your house and make it a centre piece of the room in which it is housed. The use of copper tape to light your dolls house is just one of the methods that can be used (others will be discussed in future articles).
    Article Related to: dolls house, miniatures, lighting

  • 25). Solar Lights For Your Garden  By : Rick Solare
    We all care how our homes appear to others and lighting is a big part of that. Solar lights are a popular and cost effective option for adding a little zing to your landscaping efforts. Solar Lights For Your Garden Many people enjoy the look of lights in their landscaping. Whether you want to light a path to your door or the area around your pool, proper lighting can heighten your night time enjoyment of your yard.
    Article Related to: solar, energy, solar energy, solar power, lights, garden, gardening, lighting, yard


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