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  • 4). DIY Methods to Save on Utilities  By : Rick Solare
    If your utility bill is out of control, you need to consider ways to tame the beast. There are plenty of do it yourself [DIY] ways to save on utilities. DIY Methods to Save on Utilities Utility costs for heating, cooling and electricity are near record highs. Worse, they are expected to rise fairly dramatically over the next few years. Since you will live in a residence for the rest of your life, making small changes to save money on utilities will save you tens of thousands of dollars, if not more.
    Article Related to: diy, do it yourself, utilities, heating, cooling, electricity, insulations, leaks, air conditioner

  • 6). Windows and Killer Utility Bills  By : Rick Solare
    Does your utility bill leave you in tears? Does your family walk around wearing all their clothes so you can avoid cranking up the heater and wiping out your bank account? Those beautiful windows are killing you. Hate Paying Taxes? Do you hate paying taxes? Everyone does. At least you only have to do it once a year. If you donít take steps to improve your energy use, however, you are paying the utility company an energy waster tax every month and every year.
    Article Related to: windows, utility bills, energy star, drafts, leaks, heat, heating, cooling, window


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