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Lamps Top Related Articles

  • 1). The Importance Of Lamps  By : john
    One of the easiest ways you have to light a dark corner in your bedroom or add some atmospheric lighting to your living-room area, is to place your choice of lamp. With numerous designs, shapes, colors, dimensions or lighting abilities, lamps constitute one of the most convenient methods one has to alter the lighting tone of a room. In fact, the lighting selected and used can complete the statement of a house or enhance the décor of an usually professionally looking office space.
    Article Related to: lamps, lights, shade

  • 6). How To Choose A Chandelier Based On Style  By : Todd McPhetridge
    Chandelier Style Guide If you are building your dream home or renovating an existing one and want to add a chandelier, this guide will offer information on the different styles to help you make the right decision for your home. In today’s marketplace, you have a myriad of options when it comes to chandeliers. In fact, with so many options available it is very easy for the consumer to get confused or frustrated in the process.
    Article Related to: lamps, lighting, home decor, home furnishings, chandeliers

  • 7). Contemporary Lamps  By : john
    Contemporary interior designers propose different types of lamps depending on the client’s needs, personal taste and available budget. From very expensive Tiffany lamps to inexpensive custom-made designs, lighting is added frequently into a person’s home or office to change its ambience or improve its visual effect. In every case, modern, contemporary lamps can accommodate different needs and at the same time be extremely useful accessories for people to enjoy.
    Article Related to: lamps, lights, shade

  • 9). A Guide to Antique Lamps  By : Byran Kempa
    Antique lamps are a great look for any home or office. People appreciate the style of them and they can instantly add interest to any room. Antique lamps and reproductions of these can fit into many different style rooms.
    Article Related to: lamps

  • 10). Beautiful And Functional Lighting  By : Stella Luna
    You probably already know this on some level, but the lighting you choose for your home is critical for the beauty and functionality of the space. Too often, people add the lighting as an afterthought, without much consideration for the overall effect or the need for useful illumination. The first consideration should always be for function. If your project is for an entire house, consider each space within that house - whatever areas are considered whole unto themselves.
    Article Related to: lighting, lamps, lights, home decor, interior decor, home decoration, decorating, home furnishings

  • 13). A Guide To Tanning Bed Bulbs And Lamps  By : Ciara McNamara
    Tanning bed lamps are used in every tan bed or suntan lamp. When purchasing new or used tanning beds, look at the lamps. Make sure they are good for tanning and meet FDA guidelines for safety. Another consideration is access. Be sure the lamps are easy to change when needed. Being able to easily perform the maintenance yourself is important when you buy a home bed.
    Article Related to: bulbs, lamps, tanning beds, summer, sun, sunless, beauty, tan, health

  • 15). Motion Lighting Using Solar Power  By : Rick Solare
    Motion lighting is very convenient security platform for homes. Solar motion lamps take the benefits to the next level with more efficiency and reduced utility bills. Motion Lighting Using Solar Power Motion sensor lamps can be an excellent choice for your home. These lamps offer the security of having a bright light shine into the eyes of any would be intruder, thus deterring them from staying on your property.
    Article Related to: solar, motion, lamps, lighting, home, improvements, led, security, safety

  • 18). Selecting Your Next Lamp  By : john
    How many times have you lied down on your bed intending to relax while watching a television show / film, or to read a new book / magazine, only to find out that your bedroom lamp was not adequately serving your lighting needs? If the answer is more than once, then it is probably time to go lamp shopping. With a vast variety of lamps to choose from, finding the perfect lamp is actually a matter of having the necessary time and energy to spend in an effort to locate it.
    Article Related to: lamps, lights, shade

  • 19). External Lighting  By : john
    Today’s home owners are more and more willing to invest in purchasing outdoor lighting items, since they can be used to improve the general look of a house as well as incorporate the outdoor with the indoor living space. Improving the external house design is not a matter of luxury anymore, as weather conditions and contemporary house designs permit people to experience the outdoors again as it being an important part of their home.
    Article Related to: lamps, lights, shade

  • 23). Seven Home Décor Quick Make-Over Tips  By : Linda Kennedy
    If your home décor is beginning to look a little “frazzled”, then here are seven tips to give your room a quick make-over without breaking the family budget. Not all home decorating projects have to mean knocking down walls and hiring a contractor. You can easily accomplish these seven tips over a few days and bring a lifeless, dull room back to life.
    Article Related to: home decor, home furnishings, home accessories, lamps

  • 25). The Right Type Of Lamp For Your Room  By : Max Plata
    It’s almost impossible to walk through a home and not see at least one lamp. Lamps are an integral part of home décor and with all of the different types of lamps available everyone can find one that meets their design and lighting needs. One of the most popular types of lamps is the table lamp. Table lamps are lighting fixtures that are designed to be placed on top of a flat surface.
    Article Related to: lamps, bulbs, home


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