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Knitting Top Related Articles

  • 2). Knitting's Top *10* Abbreviations!  By : Alice Seidel
    Copyright 2006 Alice Seidel Doesn't it seem that everywhere you look, there is another Top Ten list? Just turn on your TV, and there goes Jennifer Aniston, or Brad Pitt, and, even people like Marilyn Monroe, still seen posing on the red carpet, always being talked about as in the Top Ten! Food shows, home shows, boat shows, MTV, Letterman, you name.
    Article Related to: knitting, knit, how to knit, learn knitting, crafts, hobbies

  • 3). So You Want to Learn to Knit?  By : Sawyer Theron
    So have you caught the knitting bug? Have you learned the basic stitches and are now wondering what to do? With a little practice and tips from experienced knitters, you can be creating awesome creations in no time. Once you learn three basic techniques you will find that there are numerous projects you can learn to knit. The three basic foundations of knitting are casting on, the knit stitch and the purl stitch.
    Article Related to: knitting

  • 4). Learn knitting the chunky way!  By : Alice Seidel
    Copyright 2006 Alice Seidel When I was a kid, there was a candy bar by the name of "Chunky". It was nothing more than a solid square of chocolate, with some raisins and nuts thrown in. But, boy was it good! I can't remember how many nickels I plunked down for one of those on a hot, summer afternoon! Chocolate bars aside, if you want to learn knitting, learn it the "chunky" way.
    Article Related to: knitting, learn knitting, crafts, hobbies, knit, purl, baby patterns

  • 5). Jersey Knit  By : Zoya Woolwitch
    A jersey knit is type of stitch that produces a smooth, flat face on a fabric, as well as a textured back to the fabric. Originally made of wool, this knit gets its name from the island of Jersey, where it is thought to have originated. This contrasting fabric is created by the inter-looping of the yarn as it passes over itself again and again. Jersey knit fabric boasts several advantages over other types of material.
    Article Related to: knitting, jersey knit

  • 6). Knit-finity  By : Alice Seidel
    Copyright 2006 Alice Seidel As summer wanes, I love to muse on all things knitting. We live in such an uproarious world; days come and go with little of anything harmonious fitting into the hours. We all need, we all crave our own special space, our own little nook, somewhere just for us. And that's ok. Often we need to re-charge ourselves, plug into life's energizing chords, to get ourselves going again.
    Article Related to: knitting, learn knitting, knit, wool, how to knit, crafts, hobbies, knitting needles

  • 10). Knitting Is All In Your Head!  By : Alice Seidel
    Copyright 2006 Alice Seidel What, you say? In my head?! I am up to my elbows in eyelash yarn, I can't find my place in the row, and my knitting needles are about to duel with each other! How then, can knitting be all in my head? Onguard! Listen up! If you are new to knitting, or have been away from this wondrous craft for a while, there is a TON of information out there to learn! Now, before you say "arghhhhh!!", let me explain.
    Article Related to: knitting, knit, learn to knit, learn knitting, crafts, hobbies, wool

  • 18). The ABC Of Knitting  By : Robert Thatcher
    You may never have attempted to sew anything for yourself since your schooldays — or again, you may have abandoned the whole idea after one or two disappointing failures. The good news is that sewing equipment and dressmaking patterns are highly developed now than ever, so it has been made easier for you to start, whether you wish to make basics for yourself and your family, supplement sophisticated ready-to-wear with simple additions of your own, or eventually progress to the heights of the designer’s patterns.
    Article Related to: knitting

  • 20). Getting The Most Out Of Your Knitting Books  By : Bre Hopkins
    Knitting is an art that needs considerable talent. But talent also needs to be polished and if you have an interest you can polish it so that you can master the art of knitting very well. Knitting Books are good way to start the process of learning how to knit. There are lots of books that teach different ways in which you can start how to knit, what to shop for, how to plan your work etc. Knitting books provide step by step directions to start knitting.
    Article Related to: knitting, crochet, knitting books, learn to knit, knitting tips

  • 25). Learn Knitting's 6 Yarn Secrets  By : Alice Seidel
    Copyright 2006 Alice Seidel There is nothing like a good yarn, so the story goes! All jokes aside, learning any skill or craft takes time, time you should be devoting to finding out all about it. To learn knitting is no different. Just getting the hang of holding both needles at once, or working with a cable needle, or just perfecting your knit stitch and purl stitch, can take a long time.
    Article Related to: learn knitting, how to knit, knitting, crafts, ebooks


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