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Kitchen Design Top Related Articles

  • 1). French Country Kitchen Design  By : jmahoney
    A kitchen can be more than just about its role in function, organization and efficiency. Kitchens need a personality and a look and feel that can liven up the senses in addition to being a functional place for the preparation of food. The French Country Kitchen design is one of many classic kitchen design themes that you could consider. It can provide your kitchen with a traditional look that has its roots in the hillsides of rural France.
    Article Related to: french country kitchen, kitchen design, kitchen remodeling

  • 3). Ideas For Creating a Tuscan Kitchen Design  By : jmahoney
    Tuscan kitchen design immediately conjures images of Italy and sunlight and warmth. In fact these kinds of images are just what you need to think of when coming up with the perfect Tuscan kitchen design. Tuscany a region in north central Italy is known as a warm place almost year round an Tuscan kitchen design should reflect this. Tuscan kitchen designs are defined by colors such as siena, terra, and sepia.
    Article Related to: tuscan kitchen design, kitchen design, kitchen remodeling

  • 4). Materials for Kitchen Backsplash Designs  By : jmahoney
    Your kitchen backsplash can accent your kitchen and it can be both functional as well as beautiful since it can be crafted from such easy to clean materials as ceramic and stainless steel which are two of the most popular types of kitchen backsplashes.. Whether you are changing the look of the backsplash or adding one this can be a quick and easy way to brighten up an existing kitchen When selecting a backsplash, it is important to have it match the fixtures in your kitchen, but not the appliances, since they will change over time.
    Article Related to: kitchen backsplash, kitchens, kitchen remodeling, kitchen design

  • 8). Kitchen Design Ideas and Layout  By : jamies
    Kitchen design ideas – Are You Designing Your Kitchen? A kitchen is the central headquarters for the family. Kitchen is often the showplace of the home, and yet it is required to function well for a wide variety of tasks. A well-equipped, beautifully dressed kitchen will provide both a sense of well-being and a favorite place in the home. As you plan your new kitchen, you must consider both the utility and the look factor.
    Article Related to: kitchen, kitchen ideas, kitchen design, kitchen layout, kitchen layout ideas

  • 13). Some Small Kitchen Design Tips  By : jmahoney
    If you have a small kitchen to design then the problem of designing a great kitchen boils down to just what you can fit and where. There are many different cabinet designs and surface patterns that can help you provide your small kitchen design with a sense of space. To create the small but efficient kitchen design, you need to work on three major areas of small kitchen design: storage, lighting, and appliances.
    Article Related to: kitchens, kitchen design, kitchen remodeling

  • 14). "10 Important Things to Consider Before Designing a New Kitchen"  By : Harvey Juric
    Here are 10 important guidelines for your kitchen design project. 1. For efficiency, the work triangle (the space between the sink, refrigerator, and stove) should measure 26’ or less with no single side longer than 9’, or less than 4’. 2. In kitchens smaller than 150 sq. ft., opt for at least 13’ of base cabinets, 12’ of wall cabinets, and 11’ of countertop.
    Article Related to: kitchen, kitchen design

  • 18). Examining 5 Kitchen Design Styles  By : jmahoney
    As you are planning your new kitchen design, the look and style you select is very important in determining the overall feel your kitchen will portray. From the country charm of wood cabinets to modern-looking stainless steel appliances, kitchen design styles come in many choices and styles. So just what determines your kitchen's design style? Well many of the more successful kitchen design styles are made up of many components go together the right way.
    Article Related to: kitchen design, kitchen remodeling, kitchen planning, kitchens

  • 20). 7 Budget Kitchen Decorating Ideas  By : jmahoney
    Despite what you may read in the trendiest kitchen design magazines, updating the look of your kitchen really does not require that your spend a lot of time and money. There are some simple and inexpensive ways to give your kitchen a brand new look. Some small change here and there that you can make in your kitchen can still create a big effect on how your kitchen looks.
    Article Related to: kitchen decorating, kitchens, kitchen remodeling, kitchen design

  • 22). What You Need to Know About Kitchen Colors  By : jmahoney
    Color is very important design element for kitchens and bathrooms since it plays an important role in affecting our modes. A good combination of kitchen colors in the scheme of your decoration can make your kitchen look livelier and more appealing. However mismatched color schemes can ruin your décor. Color can influence the mood of a room. For example, studies have shown that red can quicken the pulse and breathing rate, as well as increase appetite.
    Article Related to: kitchen colors, kitchen design, kitchen planning


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