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  • 1). Profitable Key phrases  By : Ben Norman
    If you target the wrong key phrases you might as well give up and go home now... Keywords are the first thing you need to consider when approaching the subject of internet marketing and search engine optimisation and if not properly selected will loose you copious amounts of targeted traffic. I would hazard a guess that probably 99% of websites.
    Article Related to: keywords, seo, keyword selection, search engine optimisation, key phrase

  • 7). Choosing the right key phrase to target  By : Mar
    When choosing a key phrase to make a website for, you want to find one that gets a decent amount of searches and has a site ranked in 1st place that you can beat. In this article I will tell you how I go about choosing a key phrase to optimize for. Step 1: First I go to the keyword suggestion tool (Google it and you'll find it) which lets me enter a key phrase and then tells me how many people search for it each day on Overture.
    Article Related to: seo, keywords, search engine marketing

  • 9). Using Overture For Keyword Research  By : Steve Gillman
    Many of us who build websites get in the habit of using the Overture "Keyword Suggestion Tool" to do keyword research. It's convenient, and one of the few remaining such tools that is free. Be careful, though, because there are four problems you may run into with it. 1. Singular and plural forms are lumped together. I once optimized a site for "mountain hiking" based on the search traffic indicated by Overture.
    Article Related to: keyword research, overture, keywords, optimization


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