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  • 1). How To Impress At An Interview, And Land That Job  By : Laura Adams
    Candidates’ experience and credentials, as detailed in the resume, are most often the frequently used criteria for determining which job applicants are deserving of a personal interview. Ultimately, though, the hiring decision is going to be heavily based upon the candidates’ performance in the interview and their value to the organization. To impress an interviewer, you have to be able to distinguish yourself from other candidates and be prepared to 'sell' your qualifications to the interviewer.
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  • 9). Ten Ways to Get Ready for Your Next Interview  By : Muhammad Sadiq Javed
    Like preparing a great meal, interviewing requires preparation. Get good ingredients and give yourself time. Prepare the food on the plate to make the meal attractive. All of these go into a great meal. Taking the time to prepare for an interview will give you a huge leg up on your completion. 1. Schedule interviews at times that work for your metabolism.
    Article Related to: jobs, careers, interviews

  • 21). Job Interview Hints And Tips  By : John Pawlett
    Your first real job interview can be a terrifying experience. Interviewees stress themselves out over what to wear and especially what to say. My experiences with job interviews have taught me not too take them too seriously. My first job interview after graduating college was with an insurance agency for a position that I was not at all interested in.
    Article Related to: job interview, preparing, interviews

  • 25). Interviewing For Your Podcast  By : DJ Nelson
    People love to hear an interesting conversation because dialogue makes things fun. But when you are podcasting solo you miss out on that element. However, interviewing guests can add that exciting element to your podcast. Interviewing is not as simple as ask a question and get an answer. There are a few things that you should consider. 1. Prepare for the interview.
    Article Related to: podcast, podcasting, interviews


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