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Infopreneur Top Related Articles

  • 6). Ebook Basics For The Infopreneur  By : Marisa Giancarla
    Copyright 2006 Marisa Giancarla If your business is selling information there are somethings that you need to consider when you make the move to online business development and product delivery. This article tries to shine a light on the facets of online information sales that may be overlooked at first. Selling information online has a number of benefits – there is no physical packaging and handling to worry about and no issues of having a product “in stock.
    Article Related to: ebook, infopreneur

  • 8). Basic Ebook Marketing  By : Marisa Giancarla
    Copyright 2006 Marisa Giancarla Today authors are presented with more publishing opportunities than have ever existed before. Of course there is still a lot of time and effort that need to be spent in producing a great book and making a living through writing. Rather, due to advances in information technology authors can now distribute their work much easier than they could as little as a decade ago.
    Article Related to: ebook, infopreneur, internet, marketing


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