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Hurricane Top Related Articles

  • 7). What Are Hurricanes?  By : Burt Cotton
    Katrina, Vince, Rita are the subject of lead stories in all the journals around the world. They have created a stir in the North Atlantic Ocean. Can you guess who they are…? No, they are not some super successful people or any genre of Hollywood stars. They are the names of hurricanes. Sounds familiar? Do you know what is a hurricane? Hurricane is a tropical cyclone with a speed of around 74 miles per hour characterized with heavy rains and winds.
    Article Related to: tropical storm, tropical storms, hurricane

  • 10). Religion and Disasters  By : Darren Robinson
    When natural disasters occur, do you blame God ? Many people do ! Whatever your religion (or lack thereof), it's very tempting to attribute all major disasters to an Almighty Being, casting its rage down upon mankind. To do so gives comfort, even in the face of death, carnage and despair, because if God is responsible then at least someone is in charge, and hopefully they have a master plan which will culminate sometime in the future as something good and perhaps wonderful.
    Article Related to: hurricane, katrina, disasters

  • 13). Hurricane Aftermath Health & Safety Tips  By : Robert Palmer
    With the record-setting hurricane season of 2005, it is never too soon to begin preparing for the 2006 season, which has been predicted to have an above average number of hurricanes. EHA has over 25 years of experience with mold related matters and can assist you with assessment of the property and your health concerns. EHA’s teams of qualified professionals are ready to respond immediately with offices in West Palm Beach and Tampa Bay, Florida.
    Article Related to: hurricane, health, safety

  • 15). Hurricane Proof Computer  By : Joe Uantu
    Hurricanes cause billions of dollars in damage each year, including damage to computers. Unfortunately, computers can be much harder to replace if lost than other electronics because of the data contained on their hard drives and time spent tweaking and overclocking them. Being a Katrina evacuee and survivor myself, I know how important a computer can be after a natural disaster.
    Article Related to: hurricane, storm, computer, pc, protect, flood, restore, fix

  • 19). The True Price of Success  By : Charles Burke
    Standing in the gale-force winds, the kid was looking queasy. We could all see the storm was growing more intense. The rain had already plastered his hair to his forehead and his new black suit was starting to cling to him in ways Mr. Armani never intended. A typhoon was coming -- the seventh this summer to hit Japan -- and the kid's job, as newest employee, was to stand in front of a TV camera while the weather buffeted him about for the nation to watch.
    Article Related to: success, action, tragedies, hurricane, leader, goals, rich, successful

  • 22). Leave Your Homes and Run  By : Darren Robinson
    What would you do if city authorities ordered you to evacuate ? There are only two choices - comply or refuse, and neither is going to be much fun. For many it means loading up the car with their family, pets and anything else that fits, then joining heavy traffic to shuffle towards an uncertain future. While the upheaval is inconvenient at best, choosing to stay could be the biggest gamble of your life.
    Article Related to: hurricane, katrina, disaster, legal, travel

  • 24). New Orleans, Louisiana, USA  By : Darren Robinson
    In August 2005, Hurricane Katrina smashed into a heavily populated part of the USA, specifically the city of New Orleans in the state of Louisiana. The city was ruined. Over 1,100 people died. Known as the "Crescent City", the city of New Orleans, in the US state of Louisiana, had a population of just under half a million people, with Greater New Orleans bringing the figure up to 1.
    Article Related to: hurricane, katrina, disaster, legal, travel


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