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Humor Top Related Articles

  • 11). Halloween Howler  By : Deanna Mascle
    1. What rock star worked as a gravedigger before starting his musical career? A. Roy Orbison B. Billy Joel C. Mick Jaggar D. Rod Stewart 1. What famous rock star worked as a gravedigger before starting his musical career? D. Rod Stewart TBD: That wasn't The QuizQueen's guess either, but that's what the research says! 2. Which tradition was NOT a precursor to Halloween? A.
    Article Related to: trivia, humor, fun, quiz, test, challenge, halloween, spook, ghost, scare

  • 12). 5 Surefire Ways To Get Over Your Ex  By : Timothy Ward
    After mountains of letters, tons of emails, and numerous phone calls at 2 a.m. that consisted solely of sobs and sniffles, I have decided to address the issues of breaking up with and getting over ex-lovers. Technically, I am probably not the best person to write this article seeing as I haven't been in a serious relationship since 1999 and even that one involved a stripper, but then again maybe that makes me the perfect person to write this article.
    Article Related to: humor, timothy ward, relationships, breakups, ex-boyfriend, ex-girlfriend

  • 13). The Finer Points of Poverty  By : Timothy Ward
    I'm poor. And I'm not ashamed of it. Actually, I'm kind of proud of myself for being poor. It's an accomplishment that many people will never attain. Some people will go through their whole life and never know what it's like to experience some of the finer points of poverty like eating ramon noodles for breakfast, lunch, and dinner 5 days a week. My heart goes out to these types of people.
    Article Related to: timothy ward, humor, poverty, finances

  • 19). Getting Educated Trivia Quiz  By : Deanna Mascle
    1. In 1949, following the Communists' victory in the civil war between Communists and Nationalists, the Common Program establishes the right of all citizens to education and the responsibility of the state to provide it. In which country did this take place? A. Cuba B. China C. Japan D. Vietnam B. China QQ: How many people got that right? The year shouldn’t have left much room for doubt… 2.
    Article Related to: trivia, question, quiz, test, challenge, fact, holiday, history, contest, fun, humor

  • 21). Christmas Trivia Quiz  By : Deanna Mascle
    Christmas Quiz 1. Which Christmas tree fact is NOT true? A. Artificial Christmas trees have outsold real ones every year since 1991. B. Nova Scotia leads the world in exporting Christmas trees. c. Franklin Pierce was the first president to decorate an official White House Christmas tree. D. The Christmas tree was chosen to represent this holy holiday because it's shape points the way to heaven.
    Article Related to: trivia, humor, fun, quiz, test, challenge, question, christmas, holiday, history, tradition

  • 22). Men's Restroom Behavior  By : Matt Allen
    Only one half day left of my conference. I can hardly wait for this thing to be over and I can leave this town for a while. One amusing story to share. While I was in the men's room today, I took my position at the urinal. As I was performing standard urinal procedure, I noticed out of the corner of my eye a man talking to another man about 5 urninals down.
    Article Related to: bathroom, convention, networking, humor, job, coworker, clean

  • 24). Good News for Goofballs  By : Charlie Hatton
    I've found that there's a gap in the set of self-help and how-to books available. Sure, there are books to improve your outlook, and boost your self-esteem. If you want to learn to cook, or start a business, or patent your idea for self-buttering waffles, there are books to help you. And if you happen to be a dummy -- well, there are entire shelves at the local Barnes and Nobles devoted to you.
    Article Related to: humor, funny, satire, dummies, idiots, goofball, advice, survival, humour


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