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Human Top Related Articles

  • 4). Employee Conflict Resolution  By : Lisa Cieslica
    Doin' it Old School - Written by Arizona Human Resources Outsourcing Professionals In most cases, employees will spend as much if not more time with each other than they do with family and friends when you take into account a 40+ work week. Employees will butt heads every now and again when you have a group of people with varying personalities in close proximity to one another for extended time periods.
    Article Related to: employee, conflict, resolution, arizona, human, resources, outsourcing

  • 9). Why Are Most Human Hair Wigs Made Of Asian Hair?  By : Franek Migaszewski
    At first sight the answer seems very obvious Ė they are cheaper. And of course that is true. But in fact Eastern European hair is not that much more expensive Ė the amount necessary to make a good wig is about 30-50 USD in Poland or Czech Republic. That is not a fortune if you are going to spend a few hundred dollars on a wig. So what is the catch? The problem is on the supply side.
    Article Related to: wig, wigs, human, hair, european

  • 12). Employee Rewards Ė A Simple Thank You  By : Lisa Cieslica
    Written by Phoenix Human Resources Outsourcing Professionals Companies struggle with ways to keep the workforce motivated and productive. Properly rewarding employees is a fine line between a gloomy workplace and overkill. The struggle comes when employers search for the best way to reward an employee. Pay, Benefits, Perks, just to name a few of the options kicked around by managers when working to determine employee rewards.
    Article Related to: employee, rewards, a, simple, thank, you, phoenix, human, resources, outsourcing

  • 13). What A Great Day For A Company Picnic!  By : John Rico
    Due to ever increasing liability, many companies are opting out of sponsoring outings. Times were a company would plan an employee appreciation picnic, send out invitations and people would sign-up to bring a potluck item. Today, invitations have given way to liability waivers and in place of a rousing speech by the companyís owner at the get together, employees read a scripted greeting from the ĎManagement Teamí prior to the event.
    Article Related to: great, day, for, a, company, picnic, tucson, human, resources, outsourcing

  • 16). Peace On Earth, A Wonderful Wish, But No Way  By : David G. Hallstrom, Sr.
    When asked, "If you could wish for one thing only, what would that wish be?" almost everyone; from beauty pagent contestants, to politicians, to religious leaders, to children, to the average person on the street states, "Peace On Earth" or "An end to all wars". Those wishes, while exemplary, are meaningless. As long as humans exist there will never be peace on earth.
    Article Related to: peace, war, human, thought, nature, religion

  • 21). How Internet Changes Wig-making  By : Frank
    The Internet impacts all branches and now itís time for such a conservative one as wigmaking. Thanks to the global network one can choose from the infinite variety of wig models available in the Internet and have it hand made personally for him or her by the masters of this craft in Eastern Europe at the price of good readymade product. One of Eastern Europe vendors only needs a photo of a wig model of oneís choice.
    Article Related to: wig, wigs, human, hair, european


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