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  • 1). An Overview of a Quit Claim Deed  By : Raynor
    The deed to a property is a legal document that establishes ownership. There are different types of deeds. Here is an overview of a quit claim deed. An Overview of a Quit Claim Deed Quit claim deeds are a form of deed used in the transfer or sale of property when a grantor, a person who owns an interest in the property, is essentially allowing the transfer of that property to another person.
    Article Related to: real estate, buy, sell, home, house, homes, houses, deeds, quit claim, buyers, sellers

  • 2). What Is the Best Color For Selling A Home?  By : Raynor
    Love at first sight is a concept that applies to the real estate market. So, what is the best house color to sell your home to a love struck buyer? What Is the Best Color For Selling A Home? When you go to social events, do you make an effort to snazzy yourself up? Of course you do. The simply fact is attraction is a key factor in forming relationships and the same applies to your house.
    Article Related to: real estate, house, color, sell, home, property, selling, houses, homes

  • 8). Lake Hopatcong; A Vacation Paradise  By : Santo Del Monico
    Just when I thought I experienced the best in New Jersey’s resort destinations at the Jersey Shore, a friend suggested I visit the Lakeland area in Morris County, in particular Lake Hopatcong. This is New Jersey’s largest lake and actually is located in two counties Morris and Sussex . The towns of Roxbury, Mount Arlington, Jefferson and Hopatcong border the lake.
    Article Related to: real estate, homes, condos, houses, homes, realtor

  • 10). Hip’s – The Full Story  By : Adrian Taylor
    Home owners will soon have just three months to sell their homes or be forced to re-issue the seller’s information pack at an estimated cost of £1000 for the average semi-detached home. This would be in addition to the original £1000 paid out for the original sales pack. Much has been written about the Home Information Packs (HIP’s). Here we aim to examine the final details, just released.
    Article Related to: hips, mortgages, selling, houses

  • 15). Cheap Houses For Sale  By : Steve Gillman
    We found cheap houses for sale all over the country. My wife Ana and I were on a seven-week drive around the country. It was a vacation, but we looked at houses too, and bought one in a great little town in the mountains of western Montana. It cost $17,500, and after $2000 to fix it up, we lived there for several months before selling it for $28,000.
    Article Related to: cheap houses for sale, cheap houses, houses

  • 20). How Do YOu Sell An Expensive Home?  By : Raynor
    You’ve lived in your house for years and taken pride in with numerous improvements. Now it is overvalued and you’re wondering, "How do I sell an expensive house?" How Do YOu Sell An Expensive Home? When discussing how to sell an expensive house, there are two scenarios in which the issue comes up. The first is you have a home in an expensive neighborhood, but one which you’re asking for a price comparable to similar homes around you.
    Article Related to: real estate, expensive, house, houses, homes, home

  • 24). Real Estate Houses – Foam and Concrete Walls?  By : Nancy Woodward
    I understand that houses are being made with concrete/foam block walls. This newer technology increases the energy efficiency, security and strength of houses. This new design is part of a construction method called stay-in-place-forms or insulated-concrete forms. This construction creates one of the strongest and most energy-efficient houses that are possible today.
    Article Related to: home, real estate, modern technology, houses


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