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Graphic Design Top Related Articles

  • 2). Color Psychology and Graphic Design  By : Bharat Bista
    Colors have psychological impacts, they are attributes of eyes, but are the chemistry of the mind. Colors are perceived though pupils and its effects are produced with associated nerves to the brain neurons. Light reflecting through objects in different wavelengths and frequency stimulates different “cones” or color receptor cells of the retina in the eyes and makes perception possible for different colors.
    Article Related to: color, psychology, graphic design

  • 4). Irish Graphic Design Industry  By : dave4
    Graphic design is the use of color, light, balance, contrast, emphasis, proportion, proximity, repetition, texture and a plethora of other elements to create a work of digital art that is pleasing to the eye. Graphic design is about seamlessly molding image and text to convey a theme, message, or often advertise a product or service. Graphic design dates back to prehistoric times.
    Article Related to: web design, web development ireland, graphic design

  • 6). Printing On The Dark Side: Four-Color Or Simulated Process?  By : Mandar
    Printing a full color image on a dark shirt is one of the hardest jobs a screen printer faces. Regular four-color process uses transparent inks: Cyan (sky blue), Magenta (hot pink), Yellow and Black) which print in various percentages, blending together to form a wide range of colors. While this process works beautifully on a white shirt, the results can be disappointing on dark shirts, requiring a white underbase and multiple passes of colors ending up with a thick ink layer and muddy color.
    Article Related to: garment printing, screenprinting, t-shirts, graphic design

  • 7). Graphic Design Career  By : Melissa Steele
    Do you dream of becoming a Graphic Designer? In the design field, graphic designers are anticipated to have a good number of new job opportunities through 2014. These designers however, will most likely face a lot of competition for positions in the graphic design industry. Graphic designers must have artistic ability and be creative thinkers to successfully design sharp and innovative graphics.
    Article Related to: graphic design, graphic design degree, graphic design career, design degree

  • 10). Brand Extensions: Is it Time to Broaden Your Horizon?  By : John Williams
    When I interviewed graphic designers for my agency, I'd always get a little nervous when they claimed they could double as a great copywriter. That's because good design and good copywriting require two different skill sets rarely found in one person. I'd experience the same nervous reaction when clients discussed "brand extension," or launching a new product related to their existing brand.
    Article Related to: graphic design, logo design

  • 16). Importance of W3 Standards  By : dave4
    When the Internet first began its boom, the technologies used in design were forgiving. W3-Compliance wasn't as necessary because there were fewer browsers, fewer users, and overall fewer technologies in use. With the burgeoning popularity of the internet, new developmental tools are created daily. With these tools come new challenges - marketing, design, cross-browser transitions, etc.
    Article Related to: xhtml, css, web design, web development ireland, graphic design

  • 17). Cell Phones and the Dentist  By : Cynthia Pinsonnault
    Don't you just hate people who talk on their cell phones while they drive? Blindly babbling away, not paying attention to the road, endangering everyone nearby … so inconsiderate. Anyway, today while I was chatting on the phone and driving to the dentist, I got a tiny bit distracted and turned onto the wrong road … twice. But I cleverly figured out a shortcut back to where I belonged and pulled into the parking lot right on time.
    Article Related to: humor, dentist, cell phones, marketing, graphic design, advertising

  • 22). Website Design and Development  By : dave4
    There's two ways to get a website developed - pay, or design it yourself. If you've chosen the latter, you'll need several things. First, you'll need web hosting. Web hosting can range from $2 to $200 per month, depending on your needs. Consult a web hosting review site for more information. Next, you'll have to have some background in computing or internet programming.
    Article Related to: xhtml, css, web design, web development ireland, graphic design


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