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Government Top Related Articles

  • 9). A democracy? What have we wrought?  By : Scott W. Clark
    One of the great fallacies abroad is thinking that any regime today can lay claim to being democratic. None are. Though we say they are democratic and that they are democracies, they are actually republican government—representative democracies. This means that certain people are elected to serve the interests of the people at large. These representatives make the decisions for the people rather than the people making them.
    Article Related to: democracy, government, representative democracy, polls

  • 11). The Day the Music Died – 911  By : Paul M. Jerard Jr.
    The rest of the world is puzzled by this sudden “about face” in the care for human rights. The terrorists and our former allies should get a copy of an American history book. We haven’t forgotten 911, and we are not “sheep.” Part of our culture is warm and loving, while another part of our culture is decisive, bold, militaristic, and wants immediate retribution.
    Article Related to: news, society, government, politics, 911, music, died, death, day, bad


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