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Glass Top Related Articles

  • 4). How Does A Turbojet Engine Work?  By : Bill Johnson
    A turbojet engine is a type of internal combustion engine often used to propel aircraft. Air is drawn into the rotating compressor via the intake and is compressed to a higher pressure before entering the combustion chamber. Fuel is mixed with the compressed air and ignited by a small flame in the eddy of a flame holder. This combustion technique significantly raises the temperature of the gas.
    Article Related to: auto glass, auto dealer, glass, auto parts, turbojet, turbo engine, engine

  • 9). Artisan Glass History  By : Frank Vanderlugt
    Artisan glass refers to handblown or individually created glass items, as opposed to items such as standardized glass windows and other mass-produced products. Until a few hundred years ago, this description fit virtually all glass products. Common glass contains about 70% amorphous silicon dioxide, the same chemical composition as quartz and sand.
    Article Related to: artisan glass, glass, blown glass, handmade glass, venetian glass

  • 10). Fireplace Decorating  By : Zoe Courtman Smith
    Fireplace decorating is more than just what you put on your mantel. It’s the culmination of your personal style that pulls your look together. A natural focal point because of its size and usually centrally-located position, the fireplace is an important place to start when you consider your décor. Where do you start when decorating the fireplace? Start by surveying the fireplace itself.
    Article Related to: fireplace, decorating, glass, doors

  • 18). Different Art of Making Glass  By : Mitch Johnson
    Let us look into the details of some of the wares that we uses daily and really do not know about their history and uses. Glass, silver, plate, enamels, and metalwork are some of the wares that we are going to look into details. And there are different types of glass and their uses are varied.
    Article Related to: antique, collectable, porcelain, glass

  • 23). Greenhouses - what do you grow in yours?  By : john
    A garden is like a blank canvas, in which you can put almost anything you want. Whether it’s a place to sit, or things to eat, or just things to look at, you can put them in your garden – an outdoor space of your very own. The most common thing to do with gardens is to fill them with plants, especially grass lawns, but also bushes and trees. It can be very rewarding to see what you planted only a few months ago starting to take root – and then, over the years, seeing it grow larger and thrive.
    Article Related to: garden, glass, greenhouse


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