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Garden Pond Top Related Articles

  • 3). Landscaping Tips: Concrete Pond Construction  By : Carlo Morelli
    Good concrete pond construction means not taking shortcuts. Improper methods can lead to more money spent on maintenance, repairs, or replacement than on the cost of the initial construction. Since good concrete pond construction equates to having one that lasts a lifetime or longer, follow these rules of thumb to get it right – the first time! Keep in mind that for suitable concrete pond construction, you need to pour the concrete to a thickness of four to six inches.
    Article Related to: landscaping, garden pond, fish pond, water garden, construction

  • 5). Ponds And Gardens  By : Daniel Roshard
    All gardening and gardeners know that there are a few things that can spice up their garden and upgrade their garden looks, some of these features are expensive and very hard to get, like complicated water fountains and iron structures and some are pretty easy to buy and install, this article talks about one thing that is not that easy to install but certainly will add a lot of class to your garden and upgrade you from a gardener to a landscape expert.
    Article Related to: pond, garden pond, ponds, ponds and gardens, water pond

  • 6). Create The Perfect Garden Pond  By : Rachael Cleipher
    One of the biggest privileges in my life is the ability to own my own home and property. My family and I have been blessed to be able to purchase land and create the home of our dreams on it. When I am not busy writing, there are few things you can find me doing as often as tending to my ever- messy home and overwhelming lawn and garden. I have a love and hate relationship with these chores.
    Article Related to: garden pond


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