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  • 3). Dog Names: Finding Unique, Cool, And Funny Names For Your Dog  By : Richard Livitski
    Congratulations!….after searching long and hard at the shelters, thru the newspaper and even enlisting friends and family in your search, you’ve found the right dog! So what’s next? Giving him/her a proper name of course! Oh…you think to yourself, just any ol name won’t do. It’s got to be unique, something different! Well, allow me to give you a few dog naming categories that will hopefully help you to come up with some really novel names for your four legged friend.
    Article Related to: dog names, unique, cool, funny, puppy

  • 4). The Causes Of Stress  By : blueboy
    This article looks into the causes of stress and gives free tips to help you control and reduce your worries. I have, as I am sure many people do, stressed for most of my life for many different reasons. Even though I still worry about many things, I have now learned how to handle many of these situations and will write about how I go about doing this, in this article.
    Article Related to: stress, stress relief, stress relief advice, funny, happy, life, depressed, holidays, house

  • 8). A Funny Joke and The Man without Humor  By : Bedrich Omacka
    April fool’s day is a favorite day for some, because there are many funny jokes that can be played. But when you are working for ‘The Man’ humor can be unacceptable. The workplace has become a controversial place for funny jokes, because what is funny to one person can be considered an attack by another. Finding humor at another person’s expense can cause many stressful days at work or even many lawsuits.
    Article Related to: funny, jokes

  • 11). Good News for Goofballs  By : Charlie Hatton
    I've found that there's a gap in the set of self-help and how-to books available. Sure, there are books to improve your outlook, and boost your self-esteem. If you want to learn to cook, or start a business, or patent your idea for self-buttering waffles, there are books to help you. And if you happen to be a dummy -- well, there are entire shelves at the local Barnes and Nobles devoted to you.
    Article Related to: humor, funny, satire, dummies, idiots, goofball, advice, survival, humour

  • 16). Funny Ways To Save Money  By : Steve Gillman
    There was a list of funny ways to save money on a "frugal living" website. They weren't necessarily meant to be funny, but were gleaned from real suggestions sent in. Some cheapskates don't seem to notice that an extra hour at work might put them further ahead than many hours of penny-pinching. The following are real suggestions, and then there are some funny ways to save money that you really shouldn't try.
    Article Related to: ways to save money, save money, funny

  • 22). The Story Of My Amazing Dog Called Shandy  By : blueboy
    This is the story of my dog called Shandy. He was my favourite pet and he was very lively, lots of fun and very obedient. His main passion in life was to be taken for a long walk, culminating with a big run out in his favourite park. I would try to take him on this walk everyday, weather permitting. The park itself was about three miles away from our house.
    Article Related to: pet, pets, dog, dogs, funny, story, dog story, dog stories, amazing

  • 24). Tips About Giving A Best Man's Speech  By : blueboy
    Have you been asked to be a best man for a friend or relative? Are you worried about what to include in your best man's speech? Are you looking for some tips and advice about how to deliver a successful best man's speech. If you have answered yes to any of these three questions, this article may well be of benefit and interest to you. I have been to a number of weddings over the last few years and have heard some interesting and different types of best man speeches.
    Article Related to: best man, wedding, groom, guests, laugh, funny, joke, child, audience, speeches, help, confidence


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