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Fossil Fuels Top Related Articles

  • 3). An Overview of Biomass Energy  By : Rick Solare
    As fuel prices skyrocket, personal financial situations and entire economies are threatened. Biomass energy has been offered up as a possible solution. An Overview of Biomass Energy Energy can be produced in a number of ways. We can burn fossil fuels, use the sun's light for solar energy, use water for hydroelectric generators or even the heat of the Earth's core in geothermal energy.
    Article Related to: biomass, fossil fuels, fuel, global warming, resoures, energy, power

  • 4). Solar vs. Oil  By : Rick Solare
    Solar power has long been a minor power source compared to mighty oil. As oil prices rise and conflicts occur in oil countries, perhaps the issue needs to be revisited. Solar vs. Oil The industrial revolution was built on the back of oil and coal. There is no denying that solar played no part whatsoever. This is particularly true since solar cells were not invented until the 1950s! That being said, it appears indisputable that we have reached or are approaching a new debate about how we deal with our insatiable thirst for power.
    Article Related to: oil, fossil fuels, solar, nanotechnology, nano technology, technology, pollution, global warming

  • 5). Solar Power for Post Lighting  By : Rick Solare
    Solar energy is all around us, but most people don’t notice it. For instance, the power source for many emergency phones on freeways is powered by it. This brings us the subject of solar post lights. Solar Power for Post Lighting Solar energy started to come into popularity in the 1970s, when technology advances combined with massive oil price increases to make solar a popular alternative energy source.
    Article Related to: solar, solar energy, solar power, lights, lighting, post, fossil fuels, cell, sun

  • 6). Is Switchgrass a Viable Energy Crop?  By : Kael
    Switchgrass has long been a staple crop of farmers. It is used as fodder for farm animals, fuel, and electrical needs, as a buffer strip and soil erosion control. However, when President Bush introduced The Biofuels Initiative during his 2006 state of the nation address, he moved this native prairie grass’ use as an energy crop to the forefront. The Biofuels Initiative is a critical part of the president’s advanced energy initiatives.
    Article Related to: switch graa, witchgrass, president bush, alternative energy, fossil fuels

  • 10). Hydropower As An Energy Platform  By : Richard Monk
    Much like solar and wind power, hydropower has been a constant energy source for man. Following is an overview of hydropower. Hydropower As An Energy Platform Hydropower can be defined simply as using the energy of flowing water to generate power. With early man, this power was experienced in the form of propulsion as in moving wheels to grind food materials.
    Article Related to: energy, power, fossil fuels, hydropower, platform, oil


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