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Fireplace Top Related Articles

  • 5). How To Decorate Fireplace Mantel  By : Kenneth Langlet
    When you decorate fireplace mantel, your fireplace is one area in your home that is going to be a focal point. This is the one thing that most people will notice when they enter your home. They will see this beautiful piece and they will compliment you on your style. This is why you should take the time to make sure that your mantel looks the way that you want.
    Article Related to: fireplace mantel, fireplace, mantel, chimney

  • 7). Don't Purchase A Fireplace Until You Read This  By : D Ruplinger
    Have you decided the allure of a warm, toasty fire is something you can no longer resist? Is the purchase of a fireplace in your future? There are many options depending on your needs, where you plan on installing the fireplace, and your budget. Below are some things to think about and consider. 1) Is your fireplace going to be in a new home you’re constructing or are you adding one to an existing home? As you probably expect, it’s much easier to put in a fireplace if you’re building a new home or putting one in an addition you’re adding on.
    Article Related to: fireplace, wood burning fireplace, gas fireplace, electric fireplace, fireplace mantels

  • 10). The Three Types Of Gas Fireplaces  By : Randy Myers
    One of the most beautiful and practical ways to spruce up your home's décor is with the addition of a gas fireplace or fireplaces, if your budget allows. Today, gas fireplaces are available in every style and size imaginable to fit your every decorating need or whim. From classic marble to rustic wood, you can find it all in a gas fireplace. And today's fireplaces are designed to look exactly like wood-burning fireplaces complete with logs and realistic flames.
    Article Related to: gas, fireplace, gas fireplace, fireplaces

  • 13). Wood Pellet Stoves - The future is heating up  By : Richard Banks
    If you are tired of hauling and splitting loads of cordwood, storing it and then carrying it again into the home, but still desire the ambience and radiance of a wood burning stove, then it may be time to check out the benefits of a wood pellet stove. Although on a direct cost comparison basis, the pellet fuel works out more expensive, it does come ready to use, and the wood pellet stove takes considerably less effort to operate and clean.
    Article Related to: fireplace, heating, fire, wood, burning, pellet

  • 21). Pellet-stove Part. II  By : Kenneth Langlet
    When you think of a pellet-stove you may think that it is going to be a big hassle so that you are going to turn your nose up to the thought of a pellet-stove. You may even think that a pellet-stove is not going to be safe in your home because of the area that you live in or where it needs to be places for operation. Another thought that you may have is that you would not be able to use the pellet-stove because of not having a chiming on your home or it could be in the wrong location.
    Article Related to: pellet stove, stove, fireplace, chimney, heating

  • 24). Fireplace Decorating  By : Zoe Courtman Smith
    Fireplace decorating is more than just what you put on your mantel. It’s the culmination of your personal style that pulls your look together. A natural focal point because of its size and usually centrally-located position, the fireplace is an important place to start when you consider your décor. Where do you start when decorating the fireplace? Start by surveying the fireplace itself.
    Article Related to: fireplace, decorating, glass, doors


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