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Fire Safety Top Related Articles

  • 11). Home safety Tips  By : MustHaveSecurity
    Creating a sense of comfort and peace in your home is equal parts family harmony and home security. While we can do nothing about family harmony we can help you learn a preventative steps that add measurably to the level of comfort and peace in your home in the event of a burglary or fire. Home Security Systems (Burglar Alarms) provide a heightened sense of well-being by alerting you to an intrusion attempt; however, many available units can also provide a security call to local constabularies.
    Article Related to: home security, home safety, burglar alarms, cctv, smoke alarms, fire safety

  • 22). Smoke Detector Tips  By : James C
    Smoke detectors serve an important role in your house. They are an important line of defense to protect your family from a devastating fire but they are only as good as the person who installed them and maintains them. Read this article for tips on maintaining and installing a home smoke detector. Smoke detectors should at a minimum be installed on every floor in your home.
    Article Related to: home security, fire alarm, fire safety, smoke detector


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