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Fasteners Top Related Articles

  • 4). Which Fasteners Work Best?  By : Chris Impeterelli
    If you were to take a look down any aisle filled with fasteners at a home improvement store, you would no doubt find your range of choices overwhelming. Anchors, eye bolts, machine screws, spring nuts, weld screws, and simple wood screws are just a few of the possibilities you have to choose from when looking at fasteners. While it would be impossible to review each of the different fasteners and their use, here are some basics.
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  • 5). Deck Fasteners Specially Designed  By : Chris Impeterelli
    It is easy to believe that a wood screw is just a wood screw. If you can fasten a couple of 2 X 4ís together with one wood screw, why canít you use the same screw to put a deck together? The simple fact is that not all wood fasteners are created equal. In fact, there is a good reason why there are so many options to choose from where wood screws are concerned.
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