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Ethics Top Related Articles

  • 8). Who Wrote Aesop's Fables?  By : Historian
    Everyone is familiar with Aesop's Fables. They are short stories usually about animal characters designed to make a point about human behaviour. Aesop has been credited with inventing the fable. Indeed, the name Aesop has become synonymous with fables. However, animal fables existed long before Aesop. There are fables recorded in ancient artefacts of Babylon, Harappa (ancient Indian civilisation), China and Persia.
    Article Related to: aesop, fable, history, story, moral, ethics, aesop's

  • 9). Professional Ethics  By : Jacob Parker
    There are many professions in the world that require strong will, stamina and courage to get occupied. Thousands of policemen, doctors, firemen, rescue teams save people every minute. Graduating form the University and mastering one of the professions mentioned above you think only about successful application of your knowledge in practice. A couple of years after you become a famous doctor, an honorary resident and a dedicated family man.
    Article Related to: ethics

  • 10). Tennis Ethics  By : Chris Lewis
    Watching a tennis match between two promising juniors, one an Australian and the other a New Zealander, earlier this year, I observed a very interesting incident. At matchpoint down in the second set, the Australian player clearly failed in an attempt to run down a drop volley from his opponent. Scooping the ball (which had clearly bounced twice) over his opponent's head, the Australian player continued to treat the point as if it were still "live".
    Article Related to: tennis, ethics, tennis ethics, tennis tips, tennis coaching, tennis advice, tennis instruction

  • 11). An Overview of the Samurai  By : Richard Monk
    Given their noble role in most Hollywood movies, you might be surprised to find the discussion of the Samurai is a somewhat controversial area, particularly as to how the Samurai actually acted. An Overview of the Samurai One of the most interesting periods in the past of Japan has to be the feudal period. Out of this era came many different aspects of the Japanese culture that are still thought of today and one of those aspects are the Samurai.
    Article Related to: japan, asia, samurai, feudal, emperor, nobility, clans, warriors, japanese, bushido, ethics, movies

  • 23). High School Typing Class  By : Dottye Blake
    It’s funny how the world can change in 30 years. Much knowledge becomes outdated, yet “the basics” remain useful. I remember my High School typing class. The teacher was a no-nonsense drill sergeant of an older lady, who could instill fear into the hearts of her students. Her mission was to teach not just the mechanics of typing, but to instill in her students a sense of price in their work and themselves.
    Article Related to: business, typing, computer, ethics


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