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Equity Top Related Articles

  • 1). 10 Questions Angel Investors Will Ask You  By : David Rapp
    Copyright 2006 David Rapp Ventures If you are looking to private investors for business funding, then you better be ready to answer some serious questions. The following ten questions will always be asked by savvy investors, so make sure you can rattle off these answers on demand. 1. What type of products or services will your company provide? Give them a quick summary of your company and its business model.
    Article Related to: angel, investors, private, equity, capital, business

  • 3). Mortgage Cycling Secrets Revealed  By : Steve Gillman
    Have you heard about mortgage cycling? Maybe you've seen the ads for books on this "secret technique" for paying off your mortgage sooner. Is there some useful information in them? Yes, especially if you are not familiar with the basic premise that you can pay extra principle every year and you'll pay off the loan sooner and save thousands on interest.
    Article Related to: mortgage cycling, mortgage, equity, real estate

  • 5). Remortgages - Worth The Switch?  By : Joseph Kenny
    It’s becoming more popular to remortgage your house these days – all this means is switching to a different mortgage and sometimes a different lender to take advantage of a better deal. If your circumstances have changed since you first took out your mortgage, you may find you want to switch to a new mortgage that better suits you. Likewise, if you chose a mortgage with a special rate for the first few years, once it reverts you’re paying more than other mortgages.
    Article Related to: mortgages, remortgage, deal, second, offer, equity, spend, home, loan, improvemeny

  • 16). UK Home Owner Loan Application Reasons  By : Joseph Kenny
    If you have a bad credit rating or a credit report which shows defaults and County Court Judgements (CCJs), it can be difficult to get a loan at a reasonable interest rate. One option that is useful for people with a bad credit rating is a homeowner loan. A homeowner loan is a secured loan that provides security for lenders and money for borrowers. A secured loan is a good option for people with outstanding debts who also own a home.
    Article Related to: loans, home, equity, home loans, secured, refinance, money, apply, interest, house, owner, value

  • 17). Got Wealth?  By : Richard A. Chapo
    The last ten years has seen massive wealth growth in the United States. This brings up the issue of wealth planning, particularly from a tax perspective. Got Wealth? There is little doubt that the overall wealth of a significant percentage of Americans has grown like a weed in your garden over the last 10 years. There are a variety of reasons for this growth.
    Article Related to: wealth, strategy, tax, irs, planning, plan, strategies, real estate, appreciation, equity

  • 22). Glossary of common terms used during the mortgage process.  By : Michael Challiner
    APR - This stands for Annual Percentage Rate. It enables you to compare the full cost of the mortgage. Rather than just being an interest rate, it includes up front and ongoing costs of taking out a mortgage. The formula for calculating APR is set by Government Regulations and therefore enables direct comparison of the cost of mortgages. Capital and Interest Mortgage - This is when part of your monthly payment contributes to paying off the outstanding mortgage in addition to paying the interest on the mortgage.
    Article Related to: mortgages, glossary, apr, interest, survey, variable, rate, repayment, equity

  • 24). Bankruptcy Information  By : Joseph Kenny
    Bankruptcy is a situation in which someone who owes money will seek relief from their debts by going to court. Though bankruptcy can be good in some situations, it may not always be necessary. Just because you are in a financial strain does not mean you should immediately file for bankruptcy. There are some things you will want to take into consideration first.
    Article Related to: bankruptcy, file, debt, owe, credit, repair, pay, deal, home, finance, equity, loan, cards

  • 25). Cheap Equity Loans  By : Matthew Bourne
    Since the slump in house prices during the early-to-mid 1990s, millions of UK homeowners have seen the value of their property rise by considerable amounts. This has made many a UK homeowner equity rich and, on paper, very wealthy. But, with all the equity tied up in their home the reality of the situation is often very different as homeowners struggle to find the money to make ends meet or to pay off other loans.
    Article Related to: cheap, equity, loans


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