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Energy Top Related Articles

  • 2). History of Gas Scooters  By : J Larry Alan
    The first patents for scooters go back as far as 1921. The Razor scooter was later developed by Gino Tsai in Shanghai, Taiwan and became an instant hit with the public. It didn't take long for motor scooter popularity to expand all over the globe. Even before 1950 there were as many as 110,000 scooters on the road in Italy alone. It has been just a little over 50 years since the Vespa-Douglas Corporation in the UK sold their first gas scooters.
    Article Related to: gas scooters, scooter, electric, motor, powered, motorized, vespa, razor, mobility

  • 4). How To Adjust The Temperature On Gas And Electric Water Heaters  By : John Haynes
    Copyright 2006 John Haynes Electric Controls Electric heaters heat up water with two horizontal elements running inside the tank of the water heater. One is located on the upper half of the heater, and one is located on the lower half. Elements are similar to the metal grill pieces found on top of household stoves. There are high watt and low watt elements.
    Article Related to: gas, electric

  • 5). Modern Electric Blankets - New Styles of Electric Blankets  By : Cory Willins
    Not like the ones belonging to your grandmother, the new styles of electric blanket have really changed to enhance your sleeping comfort. New electric blankets now come with heat sensors that turn the blanket on and off to keep a desired temperature in the bed while you sleep. No longer just a matter of setting the temperature and plugging it in, these blankets are designed to keep your sleep as comfortable and cozy as possible.
    Article Related to: electric blankets, blankets, electric, bedding

  • 11). Dreamland Electric Blanket, a really warm dream  By : john
    I am very delicate and always too cold , and I watch how many other people like me sleep with electric-blankets; I went to the stores and got one for me. The first thing that Iím going to tell you is that even if this blanket didnít really change my whole life, it definitely made cold winter nights a pleasure! What I really didnít know about the whole.
    Article Related to: electric, blankets, beds

  • 12). Using Water As a Power Source  By : SolarMan
    Water is used as a significant power source in many parts of the world. In fact, Norway uses it to produce 99 percent of its electricity. So, how does it work? Water constantly moves through a vast global cycle. First, it evaporates from water sources such as lakes and oceans, forming clouds. The water is returned to the Earth in the form of precipitation such as rain or snow.
    Article Related to: water, power, hydro, electric, electricity, dam, turbines, hoover dam, las vegas, energy

  • 17). Heating up inside the Sunbeam electric blanket  By : john
    I have been a fan of electric blankets for a long, long time. I remember using them ever since I was young; I wasnít even married yet! By that time, although I always was very delicate to cold, there were times when I could do without an electric blanket. Nowadays, as years have passed and as I am approaching to an older age, I would prefer eating nothing.
    Article Related to: electric, blankets, beds

  • 20). A few words about the world of electric blankets  By : john
    An electric blanket is a very valuable commodity for those that struggle during the cold winter nights. Taking advantage of electricity power, electric blankets will deliver you heat exactly where you want it, inside your bed! There are numerous types of electric blankets in the market; each one has its own characteristics. Electric blankets will vary in basic attributes such as shape, color and price.
    Article Related to: electric, blankets, beds


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