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  • 6). God's Broken Promise  By : Greg Neyman
    One of the common claims by young earth creationists is that if Noah's Flood were a local flood, then God has broken his promise many times. According to The Answers Book, chapter 10, "If the Flood were local, God would have repeatedly broken His promise never to send such a Flood again. There have been huge 'local' floods in recent times: in Bangladesh, for example, where 80% of that country has been inundated, or Europe in 2002.
    Article Related to: creation science, flood, rainbow, earth, noah, promise

  • 7). Compassion Sustains The World  By : Shen Gerald
    The following is my opinion about this thing call Compassion. It is not a definitive article though. Compassion, in my view, is a very crucial element for sustainability. This is even more relevant to the current volatile world of ours. The very fabric of the Universe is infused with compassion. It is the binding force that harmonizes and sustains Existence.
    Article Related to: philosophy, spirituality, society, green, earth

  • 10). Living Fossils  By : Greg Neyman
    No doubt you have heard the claims from young earth creationists about living fossils. A "living fossil" is an organism that is thought to have been extinct, and then it shows up alive on planet earth. The claim by young earth creationists is that these living fossils are proof that the earth is young. The reasoning is that since all organisms were alive only 4,300 years ago, before the time that they date the Flood of Noah, then it is reasonable to assume that they are still alive today.
    Article Related to: creation science, living, fossil, young, earth

  • 13). Romans 1:20: Clear Support For An Old Earth  By : Greg Neyman
    One of the often-quoted verses about creation is Romans 1:20. This verse is presented below in three translations. KJV – For the invisible things of him from the creation of the world are clearly seen, being understood by the things that are made, even his eternal power and Godhead; so that they are without excuse. NASB – For since the creation of the world His invisible attributes, His eternal power and divine nature, have been clearly seen, being understood through what has been made, so that they are without excuse.
    Article Related to: creation science, age, earth, romans, creationism

  • 14). Relax - Observe Butterflies Day  By : CD Mohatta
    May 15th is observed as butterfly day. It is not only for children, but elders must also observe this day. To relax. All of us are always tense. It is either work, or family and social commitments, or something else. It will be difficult to find an adult who is not tense. We are always under so much of stress and pressure that most of us have lost the essence of living.
    Article Related to: butterflies, butterfly, earth, nature, garden, plants, society, stress, relax

  • 17). The Earth is a Hot Rod  By : Richard Monk
    For many years it was believed the Earth was the center of the Universe. Alas, this was disproved for a number of reasons including the fact the planet was moving quickly through space. The Ultimate Turbocharged Vehicle Once our egotistical view of being the center of the universe was disproved, the goal of figuring out how fast we are moving through space came front and center.
    Article Related to: earth, universe, sun, revolution, tropical year, sidereal, mph, miles per hour, space

  • 19). Venus - A Runaway Greenhouse Effect?  By : James Nash
    The Earth and Venus are similar in size, density, and composition and we would expect that their initial atmospheres would have been rather similar. Yet the present atmospheres of the two planets could hardly be much more different than they are. How did this come to be? The reason is thought to lie in what is termed the "Runaway Greenhouse Effect".
    Article Related to: venus, earth, greenhouse gases, greenhouse effect, atmosphere

  • 20). The Aurora Lights  By : Richard Monk
    Lights in the sky have fascinated us for thousands of years. The lights in the far north and south of our planet are some of the more famous ones. What was in that Soup? Travel to Antarctica or the Arctic and you’ll start thinking you are having hallucinations. During the evenings, the sky will literally glow. In the Northern Hemisphere these lights are known as the aurora borealis.
    Article Related to: aurora, alaska, norway, magnetic field, earth, equator, aurora borealis, hemisphere

  • 23). Creation Scientist?  By : Greg Neyman
    What is a young-earth “creation scientist?” Is there such a thing. Organizations such as Answers in Genesis and the Institute for Creation Research claim that their scientists are true scientists. They list a long list of scientists from the past who were creationists. Do these lists of scientists prove that creation science is true "science?" Let’s look at the definition of the scientific method.
    Article Related to: creation science, scientist, young, old, earth, creationism


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