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  • 18). What Document Freeze Drying Does Not Do  By : Luana Pershing
    A lot of people I have come into have damaged documents that need some document freeze drying. While document freeze drying can pretty much salvage a document from the hazards brought by water and fire, people are still disappointed when I tell them that the process of document freeze drying will not bring their documents back to the way it was before damage took place.
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  • 20). Document Drying Really Does Work  By : Gayelord Nash
    For those of you that do not know this already, document drying is the process where you have your documents that have been damaged by water, fire or mold restored. Not many individuals know about document drying but those individuals who do know about document drying are happy.
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  • 21). Water Damage Does Not Knock  By : Isolde Werry
    "Knock, knock." What is that knocking on the door? Well, we know it is not water damage knocking on our door. When it comes to water damage, this is something that does not knock on your door before it comes into your home...uninvited. In fact, water damage just barges into your home as if it is a guest that deserves a bed to rest on, a couch to lay on and a floor to sweep.
    Article Related to: water, damage, does, not, knock


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