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Decks Top Related Articles

  • 3). Backyard Decks Building Basics - Frequently Asked Questions  By : Dennis Conner
    Q: Do I need a contractorís license in order to build a backyard deck onto my home? A: Generally, no. Individuals who are doing any type of construction on their own home are not required to obtain a contractorís license. If you have any questions regarding the building of backyard decks as a commercial business, on the other hand, you may need a contractorís license and/or other special permits.
    Article Related to: decks

  • 16). Deck Cleaning The Quick And Easy Way  By : Shane Hester
    A task that is often easy to put off, regular deck cleaning keeps the chore from becoming a nightmare. No matter if your deck is made from wood or an engineered composite product, here are a few tips and tricks to deck cleaning - the quick and easy way.
    Article Related to: deck cleaning, decks

  • 17). Building An Outside Deck  By : Ron King
    One of the most beautiful additions to any home is a deck. Not only does it add beauty, a deck also adds value to your home. But there is much to think of when preparing to build a deck. A poorly built deck can be a disaster. Following are 10 things to consider before you build your deck. 1. Purpose First of all, what is going to be the primary purpose of your deck? Entertaining guests -- you'll need to consider how many guests you want the deck to hold, because more guests equal more weight.
    Article Related to: decks


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