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Curtains Top Related Articles

  • 5). Benefit From The Stylish Look Of Vertical Blinds  By : Peter Wilson
    Every homeowner wants to make his or her property look as good as possible, both inside and out, and part of doing this is to select the right décor. Selecting the right window coverings is an integral part of getting the right look for home, and can make a big difference to the look and feel of any room. The contemporary look of vertical blinds is a valuable addition to any home improvement, and whatever type of decoration theme you have in the room these window blinds can give the perfect finish.
    Article Related to: vertical blinds, roman, shades, windows, curtains, blinds, shutters, window treatments

  • 12). Hanging Curtains? Don’t Forget the Rods and Finials!  By : Heather Peters
    Probably one of the most overlooked features of window are the curtain rods and finials. For a lot of people this is the last thing they think about if they’ve chosen a curtain that covers most (if not all) of the curtain rod anyway. Who cares what it looks like? Well, someday you may fall in love with a curtain style, such as a button tabbed curtain, that prominently displays the rod underneath.
    Article Related to: curtains, curtain rod, finials, window treatments

  • 17). Curtain and drape headings- Top Tips  By : Karen Hughes
    There are many types of curtain and drape headings and they are created, usually, by the application of a heading tape and a draw cord. Here is a quick look at the most common ones. Standard The most common form of curtain heading is the standard one. It comprises of a one inch tape that is gathered up into a narrow, even heading. This is most often used for informal curtains and in hidden areas, under valences and behind pelmets for instance.
    Article Related to: curtain heading, drape heading, curtain, curtains, drapes

  • 18). How To Choose Curtains Or Blinds For Your Home  By : Susan Green
    The curtains or blinds of a window can make or break the interior design of any place, whether a house, an office or even a restaurant. Curtains and blinds can make homes look sophisticated and feel comfortable. It is thus important that people have an understanding of the importance of choosing the right curtains or blinds for their windows. A change in the curtains or blinds of a window can make a difference in the total atmosphere of a home.
    Article Related to: window coverings, curtains, blinds

  • 19). Creative Curtains and Window Coverings  By : Rene Knops
    One of the easiest and least expensive ways to transform the look of a room is to change the curtains and window coverings. Instead of using the same old curtain rod and drapes, try putting your imagination to work to see what you can come up after being inspired by the following ideas for curtains and window coverings. One of the most popular ways of making your own window coverings is to buy a designer curtain rod and pinch clips.
    Article Related to: window coverings, curtains, blinds

  • 23). Treat yourself and your windows.  By : Karen Hughes
    There are many styles of curtains, shades, valances and other window treatments that you can use to dress your windows. Dressed windows add to the charm of your house and make it look gorgeous. The key is to keep things in balance rather than overpower the space with too many contrasting colors. Window treatments can cost a mint these days, especially if the person doing the decorating would like to find something which is not only practical but also aesthetically pleasing.
    Article Related to: window treatments, dressed windows, drapes, curtains


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