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Crafts Top Related Articles

  • 2). How To Make A Paper Bag Scrapbook  By : Dee Marie
    Paper bag scrapbooks are really popular now. Their small size makes them great for gift giving, for display on a coffee table, or even just as a “brag book”. They are made by using paper bags (you know the brown lunch kind) and are of a smaller size than the larger scrapbook albums, usually 5 x 5 inches. Since the paper bags are not acid free, it is important to only use copies of your photos.
    Article Related to: crafts, scrapbook

  • 5). Make Sachets With Potpourri And Essential Oils  By : Katelyn Thomas
    Do you have potpourri and essential oils coming out your ears? If so, you may want to consider using them to make simple sachets as gifts. Sachets are great for tucking into bureau drawers to make your clothing smell wonderful and also can be used in closets. To make a sachet, you will need muslin, ribbon, and some potpourri. Cut a four inch by eight inch piece of muslin.
    Article Related to: aromatherapy, crafts, potpouri

  • 7). How to Make Victorian Lamp Shades  By : Candy Arnold
    Copyright 2006 Candy Arnold During the Victorian era lighting was primarily from gas. But with Edison’s improved design of the incandescent light bulb in 1879, electric lighting began replacing gas lighting in Victorian homes. This change became the catalyst for a variety of lamp shades made to shield the glaring light bulbs. Elegant shades graced table and floor lamps as well as crystal chandeliers imported from Europe.
    Article Related to: lamp shades, victorian, vintage, antique, crafts, lamp shade repair, restore

  • 10). Knitting's Top *10* Abbreviations!  By : Alice Seidel
    Copyright 2006 Alice Seidel Doesn't it seem that everywhere you look, there is another Top Ten list? Just turn on your TV, and there goes Jennifer Aniston, or Brad Pitt, and, even people like Marilyn Monroe, still seen posing on the red carpet, always being talked about as in the Top Ten! Food shows, home shows, boat shows, MTV, Letterman, you name.
    Article Related to: knitting, knit, how to knit, learn knitting, crafts, hobbies

  • 11). Bird Twig Wreath  By : Dawn Keadic
    This is a very attractive wreath and a very popular one. You will want to gather a supply of twigs which are long, thin and pliable. You will also need craft wire, 22 to 24 gauge, wire cutters, a glue gun, glue sticks and a wreath base. You will also want some bird picks, the choice is yours, an artificial birds’ nest, wooden eggs, small ones, and a large ribbon.
    Article Related to: wreaths, home decorating, crafts

  • 12). Making A Twig Wreath  By : Dawn Keadic
    This twig wreath makes a very attractive decoration for inside or outside and one in which you can take great pride. The materials which you will require are a wire coat hanger, craft wire, I like to use about a 22-24 gauge wire, twigs, I like to break them into five inch lengths, berries, dried flowers, pinecones, whatever seems right to you, you are the creator so you are the one to be pleased.
    Article Related to: wreath, home decor, interior design, twig wreaths, crafts

  • 13). Peacock Feather Wreath  By : Dawn Keadic
    Making a peacock feather wreath is a very easy project and will result in a beautifully elegant finished product. This sort of wreath makes a beautiful adornment for your home at any time of year and can be enhanced by the addition of ornaments or left in its natural splendor. For this project you will need a straw wreath base. The size of the wreath base which you choose to use will be a part in determining the size of the wreath.
    Article Related to: feather wreath, wreaths, home decorating, crafts

  • 22). You Can Make A Wreath Out Of Wallpaper!  By : Dawn Keadic
    How many times have you stood and admired the beauty of the flowers in your wallpaper? If you’re anything like me, I’ll bet it’s been plenty of times. You probably picked the paper because you thought it was especially beautiful. How about making a dried flower wreath that would duplicate the look of the wall paper and add a special look to the decor of your living room? Sound impossible? It really isn’t.
    Article Related to: wreath, home decor, interior design, crafts, wallpaper


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