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  • 11). Mastering Ejaculation - You Can Do It  By : Jerry Leung
    A lot of man will think that it will be a lot better if they can prolong their ejaculation. Yes it can be a very unpleasant experience if you ejaculate too soon. The problem here is that you may not be able to fully satisfy your lady if you ejaculate too soon. As a result, it will be a good idea if you can master your ejaculation to some extents.
    Article Related to: ejaculation, control

  • 12). Choice Theory  By : Kim Olver
    You have listened to me for a year now talking about Choice Theory but I know I’ve never really explained what Choice Theory is. Choice Theory is actually an explanation of all human behavior developed by Dr. William Glasser. There are basically five components of this theory—the basic human needs, the quality world, the perceived world, the comparing place and total behavior.
    Article Related to: choice theory, quality world, glasser, control, relationships, behavior, human needs

  • 15). 4 Psychological Needs Help Deal With Conflict  By : John Edmond
    Internal conflict, conflict within yourself, reflects the difference between what you really feel and what you are able or choose to do about it. Interpersonal conflict occurs between you and another person when what they do or say is different to what you feel and vice-versa. Everyone has four basic psychological needs. These are the need to be valued, to be in control, the need for self esteem or self worth, and lastly the need for consistency or stability.
    Article Related to: psychological needs, conflict, valued, control, self esteem, consistency

  • 20). Security And Your Garage Door Opener Remote  By : Scott Hares
    You'd be right to be concerned about security with your wireless garage door opener and remote. An intruder can gain access to your garage contents, or even your home if you don't follow some simple security steps. Different radio frequencies are used for communication between the remote and the opener. Tiny switches known as dip switches are used to adjust the frequency used between the two.
    Article Related to: garage, door, remote, control, security, secure, burglar

  • 23). Getting Rid Of Those Pesky Mosquitoes  By : Gray Rollins
    Controlling mosquitoes Just imagine a fun day with your family: playing baseball, having a picnic, a full day of fun. That is until you get home and realize your whole family is covered with mosquito bites. Mosquito bites are not only painful and irritating; nowadays they can also be dangerous to your health. You may think to yourself, “West Nile is so rare, it will never affect my family”, but for the few who do get it, it can be very serious.
    Article Related to: pest, control, mosquitoes, west nile


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