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Color Top Related Articles

  • 4). What Is the Best Color For Selling A Home?  By : Raynor
    Love at first sight is a concept that applies to the real estate market. So, what is the best house color to sell your home to a love struck buyer? What Is the Best Color For Selling A Home? When you go to social events, do you make an effort to snazzy yourself up? Of course you do. The simply fact is attraction is a key factor in forming relationships and the same applies to your house.
    Article Related to: real estate, house, color, sell, home, property, selling, houses, homes

  • 6). What Does Your Logo Color Say About Your Business?  By : Debbie LaChusa
    And not only your logo, but also your website, your brochure, your business cards and any of your marketing materials for that matter. Yes, colors do matter They communicate feelings and emotions. They represent ideas and thoughts. So before you create a logo or any other piece of marketing make sure you select the right colors to communicate a personality that accurately represents you and your business.
    Article Related to: logo, logo mark, color, marketing

  • 9). Color Psychology and Graphic Design  By : Bharat Bista
    Colors have psychological impacts, they are attributes of eyes, but are the chemistry of the mind. Colors are perceived though pupils and its effects are produced with associated nerves to the brain neurons. Light reflecting through objects in different wavelengths and frequency stimulates different “cones” or color receptor cells of the retina in the eyes and makes perception possible for different colors.
    Article Related to: color, psychology, graphic design

  • 18). Tricks and Tips in Poster Advertising  By : viojieley
    A poster is a visual representation comprising of whatever a person wants to convey to its readers. If done effectively, posters can influence or entice readers to make an action. Advertising through posters necessitates a business owner to consider some tricks and techniques in order to catch the attention of its prospects. Although a simple poster always do the trick, it is still essential that you do something unique and different in order to please your readers.
    Article Related to: poster, printing, online, print, color

  • 19). How To Dye Your Pubic Hair  By : Andrea Strachan
    More recently, women have become aware about the condition of their pubic hair. From Brazilian waxes to pubic hair shaping and pubic shaving, women are starting to treat their pubic region with much more care and attention. For a lot of women, shaving their pubic region is a step too far and many would just like to improve the look of their pubic hair.
    Article Related to: pubic, hair, removal, shaving, dye, dyeing, gray, color


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