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Clothes Top Related Articles

  • 2). How to select the right color clothes?  By : Isabel Rodrigues
    All of us have some favorite color or the other. Whatever color we pick to wear it clearly reflects on our personality. Clothes color and personality type are the two stuffs that speak a lot about a person. Following is a list that can help you select the right colored clothes that complement both red hair and dark eyes. • Begin your search for the right color clothes by divorcing yourself from your favorite colors.
    Article Related to: color clothes, right color clothes, clothes, clothes color

  • 4). Sex Appeal and Style in Women’s Leather Pants  By : Chris M.
    One trend that seems to never go out of type is women’s leather pants. Get all of those misconceptions out of your mind and embrace the deliciousness that is quality grain leather. Yes, more individuals that bikers and cowboys wear leather pants and no, you will not squeak while walking down the street in leather pants. Yes, leather pants can be worn in the summer and also during the daytime.
    Article Related to: leather, pants, clothing, clothes, women, fashion, style, trendy

  • 13). Designer Dressing On A Bargain Basement Budget  By : Bridget P. Allen
    Let’s face it—most of our tastes in fashion far exceed the depth of our purses. If you find yourself living on ramen noodles and beans just so that you can afford that Prada bag or the hottest new designer coat of the season, you may need to readdress your priorities. Instead of falling deep into debt by adding designer dream duds to your closet, be smart about shopping! There are deals to be found around every corner on authentic, quality designer merchandise.
    Article Related to: fashion, clothes, beauty, style, clothing

  • 15). The Importance Of Clothes  By : Jonathon Hardcastle
    The human race universally wears articles of clothing-also known as dress, garments, or attire-on the body in order to protect it against the adverse climate conditions. In its broadest sense, clothing is defined as the coverings of the torso and limbs, as well as the coverings for the hands, feet and head.
    Article Related to: clothes, clothing, garments


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