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  • 10). Your Proposal Didn't Win? Make Sure You Get Something From Losing  By : James England
    No matter how successful you are, eventually you will lose potential contracts. This is not always a bad thing - losing contracts can present you with opportunities to get closer to the client and get valuable feedback. It allows you to analyze what you did wrong, what was done right, and how you can improve your products, services…and proposals. If you do lose a contract you should always ask for feedback and find out why you lost.
    Article Related to: proposals, proposal writing, bids, sales, client

  • 14). How Creative Professionals Can Get More Perfect Clients  By : Kirstin Carey
    When you work with the "perfect" client, life is wonderful and business is simple. The perfect client pays on time, is thrilled with your work, tells all of her friends about you, and makes doing what you do easy. If you could replicate the perfect client, then business wouldn't be difficult, right? Let's discuss how to locate more perfect clients so you can increase your income and decrease your not-so-perfect client drama.
    Article Related to: client, business, revenue, creative, professional

  • 15). What to Do When a Client is Ticked Off  By : Dave Carlson
    My client Jerry was threatening to sue. Worse, my programmer was dragging his feet and didn’t see the seriousness of Jerry’s threats. I was on the phone with Jerry for hours at a time. The custom ordering system we designed for Jerry’s web site needed some small changes that really weren’t affecting the performance of his site. Jerry kept saying that the whole system was flawed and that it needed to be completely redone.
    Article Related to: client, customer, relationships, crisis management

  • 18). The Power of Micro Marketing  By : Suzanne Falter-Barns
    Copyright 2006 Suzanne Falter-Barns How well do you know your market? Like … really know them? Take a moment and imagine a typical person in your market right now. What is she or he doing? Watching TV – and if so, what’s on? Or is she sitting at her desk, trying to figure out how to pay her bills? And agonizing? Or is he looking out the window, wondering where his own child is right now – the one who just moved away from home.
    Article Related to: marketing, micro, micro marketing, client, small business, publicity, media, publishing

  • 22). All About The Customer- The One Arriving At Your Storefront  By : Karl Stadler
    Copyright 2006 Karl Stadler You know the feeling of waiting for something or someone to arrive. The excitement builds as the time comes closer and the anticipation nearly becomes unbearable. You know the feeling of disappointment when the time has arrived, and then nothing happens, the questions, the utter feelings of disgust. Nobody likes to be let down, not for any reason.
    Article Related to: marketing, product, client


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