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Cleaning Top Related Articles

  • 7). Understanding Cleaning Production Rates  By : Steve Hanson
    Copyright 2006 The Janitorial Store When bidding a cleaning account, labor is always the biggest expense. In order to determine your labor expense for a cleaning account you'll need to figure out how many hours it will take to get the job done. In order to determine the number of hours it will take, you'll need to break the job down into production rates by task.
    Article Related to: cleaning, production, rates

  • 13). Gas Grills - 9 How Tos for Safety and Maintenance  By : Harold Wagner
    How do I prepare my grill for spring? Be sure to clean spider webs out of the venturi tubes as described below. You may open your grill in the spring and find remnants of the meal you cooked on it last season. Don't worry. According to, cleaning the grill is actually easier than most people realize, and you can usually forego the brushes, dirty sink and elbow grease if you start the day before you need the grill.
    Article Related to: gas grill, how to, clean, maintenance, cleaning, maintaining, maintain

  • 14). How to Decide What to Pay Your Cleaning Employees  By : Steve Hanson
    Copyright 2006 The Janitorial Store As your cleaning business grows, one of the first things you will have to do is hire employees. Of course, this means that you must decide on how much you are going to pay before you start interviewing and hiring new cleaning staff. As a business owner you may have times that you work more hours and make less per hour than your paid staff.
    Article Related to: pay, cleaning, employees

  • 21). Do Chair Mats Protect Your Carpeting?  By : James C
    It is a pretty common sight in a home office. You have a rolling chair on top of a chair mat. The mat is there to keep your carpet safe from the damage that the chairs rollers can cause. But do they do more harm than good? There is no question that rolling chairs can quickly wear out your carpet. Because of that you should never place a rolling chair onto your carpeting.
    Article Related to: carpet, carpeting, rugs, carpet cleaning, area rugs, cleaning

  • 24). Barber Carpeting Pros and Cons  By : James C
    Berber carpeting is carpet with a continuous loop. Unlike cut pile carpet one carpet yarn will run from one end to the other. Traditionally it was a hand woven wool carpet but today it is machine made and can be made from any material from Olefin to Nylon. It has become a very popular carpet but is it right for you. The benefit of Berber carpet is that it is somewhat resistant to foot traffic.
    Article Related to: carpet, carpeting, rugs, carpet cleaning, area rugs, cleaning


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