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  • 2). How To Install And Setup Noah's Classifieds  By : Bedrich Omacka
    In this article I will explain the basic Noah's Classifieds features, show you how to install this script and how to setup it to run properly. First of all let's mention that Noah's Classifieds script is written in PHP can be used for free. Noah's Classifieds is one of the most popular classified ads tool on the Internet. Using this great script you can create unlimited categories and subcategories, upload images for the categories and the advertisements, define variable fields for the advertisements per categories etc.
    Article Related to: install, setup, noah's, classifieds

  • 12). The Benefits of Buying and Selling Locally  By : Don
    Shop at a flea market in Oaxaca, Mexico. Trade with a vendor in London, England. Or sport your wares to collectors in Geneva, Switzerland. You can virtually do just that when you shop or sell goods at an online auction site. You know those global auction Web sites, the ones that allow you to bid on thousands of items against millions of other competitors.
    Article Related to: shopping, online, ecommerce, auction, classifieds, buying, selling

  • 13). Closing the Deal with the Right Ad  By : Jason Seib
    Copyright 2006 Jason Seib Nick Usborne hit the head on the nail. On the back cover of Usborne’s 2002 book, “Net Words”, he said, “bells and whistles may grab a customer’s attention, but words make the sale.” We’ll repeat: words make the sale. Say you have a laptop to peddle online. You’ll take good care of it, no doubt, so that it reaches the buyer’s hands in excellent condition.
    Article Related to: classifieds, ads, free, community

  • 21). Know Your W's before Starting a Home Business  By : Dr. Deepak Dutta
    Starting a home business has been one of the biggest growth industries in the last decade. There are thousands of new business owners entering the online arena everyday. No matter what type of business product or service you choose to participate in, there is one and only one starting point. The only place to be starting your new home business is, in your mind, more importantly your mindset.
    Article Related to: home business, classifieds, article marketing


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