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  • 2). Lanzarote Tourist  By : Roberto Bell
    Many people come to Lanzarote for the weather and to relax by a pool or on the beach. However Lanzarote has far more to offer tourists than its fabulous climate. No visit to this stunning volcanic island is complete without a visit to Parque Nacional de Timanfaya home of Lanzarote’s only live volcano – Montaña Del Fuego. A trip to the National Park can be made by car or organized tour however it is not possible to drive “the lunar route” – the path made by lava from the last eruption.
    Article Related to: lanzarote, tourist, travel, city, guide, trip

  • 3). Ingolstadt in Germany  By : V.P.
    Situated at the beautiful Danube River in the heart of Bavaria, Ingolstadt is one of the eldest and most charming cities in Germany. Early settlements prove the existence of a density of population since 1800 BC. The first time Ingolstadt was mentioned in an official document was in the year 806 by Carl the Great and it got its town rights in 1250.
    Article Related to: ingolstadt, germany, deutschland, europe, city, bavaria, bayern

  • 4). Ancient Greek Deities  By : Richard Monk
    Although they seem to be things of the past, reminders of ancient Greek deities are all around us. When you read the following names, more than a few will look familiar. Ancient Greek Deities The Greek Pantheon was a polytheistic system of thought and religion that assumed its Greek deities existed independently and individually. Their roll was to rule diverse aspects of the mortals every day life.
    Article Related to: greece, greeks, city, state, ancient, history, zeus, romans, deities, gods, hades

  • 13). Vehicle Emissions  By : write 2 right
    All over the world people are experiencing air quality changes due to vehicle emissions. Particularly in the peak of summer, cities have worsening air quality to the point where it has become “normal” to hear air quality warnings. In Pakistan, vehicle emissions are responsible for nearly 90% of their air pollution. That is no wonder when you consider that 500 mature trees are needed to combat the emissions for every 20,000 km driven.
    Article Related to: vehicle, truck, car, hike, ski, canoe, city, transportation, emissions, air quaility, pollution

  • 14). London’s Famous Buildings  By : Claire Quaty
    If you’ve never been to London, or have even been there several times, there are points of interest throughout the city that are worth checking out. London is not only rich in history, but offers wonderfully famous buildings. Visiting them during your trip is definitely a must. Perhaps one of the most famous buildings in London is Buckingham Palace.
    Article Related to: london, city, travel, vacation, holiday

  • 16). Scuba Diving At Grand Cayman Island's Stingray City  By : Clint Leung
    One of the most famous natural attractions in Grand Cayman Island is Stingray City. This is an area in the ocean not far from the northern tip of Grand Cayman where tourists can get up close to hundreds of friendly stingrays. Stingray City can get quite crowded especially when the cruise ship passengers are at port. Fortunately for us scuba divers, the masses are taken to a shallower section of Stingray City where the sandbars are high enough for tourists to stand in waist deep waters.
    Article Related to: scuba, dive, diving, divers, stingray, stingrays, city, grand, cayman, island

  • 22). Las Vegas The Luxury City  By : Joel Noah
    Though a bit heavy on the neon, Las Vegas is a true feast for the eyes. The skyline is amazing, with all of the sparkling lights and massive shapes competing for attention. Every hotel is striving to top the next one with its own unique theme, majestic entrances, rollicking casinos, delectable restaurants, and impressive entertainment. It can be said that Las Vegas does not have a boring bone in its body.
    Article Related to: las vegas, city, travel, vacation

  • 23). New York Attractions  By : Naldo Camarones
    When you think New York, you imagine a city, full of taxis and blaring horns, right? Besides all of the skyscrapers, clubs and people in a giant city, New York has a whole other part to the state. New York is full of small towns, farmland and beautiful scenery that are often overlooked. New York is home to many unique attractions, without having to load the kids up on the subway to tour.
    Article Related to: new york, travel, vacation, city


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