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Cash Top Related Articles

  • 2). Accounting Methods – Cash and Accrual  By : Richard A. Chapo
    When starting a business, you have to determine the method you are going to use for accounting and paying taxes. The two choices are the cash method and the accrual method. Cash Method If you are looking for simplicity, the cash method is probably your best accounting choice. Generally, income and deductions can be claimed when payment is actually received or made.
    Article Related to: accounting methods, cash, accrual

  • 4). Internet Banking – The Pros And Cons  By : Joseph Kenny
    Only a few years ago the concept of online banking seemed like a dubious one – concerns about security and computer glitches were enough to put most people off. But with the continuing success of flagship companies like Cahoot, Egg and Smile, more and more of us are choosing to do business over the net. Sophisticated technology means that your information is well protected, and an online account offers several advantages over traditional banking.
    Article Related to: banking, savings, bank, accounts, interest, higher, greater, more, earn, money, cash

  • 16). Understand IRS Real Estate Auctions  By : Richard A. Chapo
    While the IRS will auction off just about anything to satisfy a tax bill, seized real estate gets people excited. Here are the basics of IRS real estate auctions you need to know. Understand IRS Real Estate Auctions Does the IRS really seize homes and then auction them off? Yes. The seizures occur from wayward taxpayers who never pay their taxes and seizures of crime-inspired purchases such as those from drug dealers and such.
    Article Related to: irs, tax, taxes, real estate, auctions, seizures, title, auction, cash, drugs

  • 25). Savings Accounts – An Overview  By : Joseph Kenny
    Being in control of your finances means not only managing your current account wisely, but planning ahead too. Although we are used to thinking we will have the welfare state to fall back on, the support offered by state benefits is far from generous - most people would struggle to exist on a basic pension alone. Furthermore, our ageing population face an uncertain future as demographics change – by the time today’s thirty-year olds reach retirement there’s no telling how the economic situation will look.
    Article Related to: banking, savings, bank, accounts, interest, higher, greater, more, earn, money, cash


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