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Carpet Top Related Articles

  • 2). Fast Drying Of Wet Carpet  By : Jacklyn Hartfield
    Who likes to have wet carpet at home? It happens many times that you are suddenly caught unaware by a leaking pipe and water soaked carpet. Wet carpet is an annoying issue to deal with for those who do not have any idea how to deal with it.
    Article Related to: fast, drying, of, wet, carpet

  • 4). MPV: Mazda’s Popular miniVan  By : Kimberly Meyer
    In Japan, the Mazda MPV is known, marketed, and sold as the Efini MPV. This vehicle first made its way to public knowledge in 1989. It was constructed to be a rear wheel drive vehicle. Later on in 2000, it came back with a more modern front wheel drive. Originally, the Mazda MPV was designed in its every minute detail as a minivan. This was destined to be sold to the American market.
    Article Related to: auto parts, mazda mpv parts, catalytic converters, carpet

  • 8). Drying Your Wet Carpet Is Simple And Easy  By : Evie Parrish
    In recent times, the place where I live was hit by a severe flood. The water damage was huge as the flowing water did not spare my carpet and spoilt it really bad. I was emotionally attached to the carpet and for sentimental reasons did not want to part it. Not even in my wildest dreams, I had ever though of replacing this lovely carpet.
    Article Related to: drying, your, wet, carpet, is, simple, and, easy

  • 10). How To Clean Up A Wet Carpet  By : Luana Pershing
    A wet carpet can be one of the most difficult things to clean. Not to mention the weight of this material when wet that makes the task more difficult to handle. This is mainly because the fabric used for it is very absorbent and it easily catches dirt and dust. It follows that one must be very careful not to wet the carpet to keep from cleaning it every so often.
    Article Related to: how, to, clean, up, a, wet, carpet

  • 11). Restoring Your Wet Carpet  By : Byron Zoucks
    Water damage to your house can occur due to many reasons. Leaking pipes, floods and leaking roofs are only a few of them. Different methods need to be used for cleaning and restoring the different items in your house. The carpet in the house requires the most cleaning. Carpets are anyway designed to absorb water and moisture. When your house gets flooded, the carpets bear the most of it.
    Article Related to: restoring, your, wet, carpet

  • 15). Restore Your Glued Wet Carpet  By : Barney Ruch
    Water damage to your property will lead to your glued carpet getting wet. You will need to exercise extra precaution while taking any steps to remove and extract water from your glued wet carpet. A wet carpet is anyway difficult to dry and clean. If the wet carpet is glued to your flooring, it makes it much more difficult to dry and clean it.
    Article Related to: restore, your, glued, wet, carpet

  • 16). Wet Carpet And Pipes Leaking  By : Ramona Weisly
    Wet carpet is never something that someone asks for. When we talk about wet carpet, we are not talking about an area of the carpet where a wet dog laid on. We are talking about carpet that has been wet because of a flood, pipe burst or some other water disaster that has taken place in the vicinity of carpet. When it comes to wet carpet, we know how bad it can be.
    Article Related to: wet, carpet, and, pipes, leaking

  • 17). Repairing Loose Carpet  By : James C
    When carpeting is installed in a home, it is stretched over your floor onto tack strips which secure it on the sides. Over time with general use and age your carpet will actually stretch out. This will often show itself as wrinkles and loose spots in your carpeting. So how do you repair these wrinkles, is there a way? Yes, to get rid of these unsightly wrinkles, you need to have your rugs professionally stretched.
    Article Related to: flooring, floors, carpeting, area rugs, carpet, stretching, stretcher, repair, home improvement

  • 18). Do Chair Mats Protect Your Carpeting?  By : James C
    It is a pretty common sight in a home office. You have a rolling chair on top of a chair mat. The mat is there to keep your carpet safe from the damage that the chairs rollers can cause. But do they do more harm than good? There is no question that rolling chairs can quickly wear out your carpet. Because of that you should never place a rolling chair onto your carpeting.
    Article Related to: carpet, carpeting, rugs, carpet cleaning, area rugs, cleaning

  • 19). Barber Carpeting Pros and Cons  By : James C
    Berber carpeting is carpet with a continuous loop. Unlike cut pile carpet one carpet yarn will run from one end to the other. Traditionally it was a hand woven wool carpet but today it is machine made and can be made from any material from Olefin to Nylon. It has become a very popular carpet but is it right for you. The benefit of Berber carpet is that it is somewhat resistant to foot traffic.
    Article Related to: carpet, carpeting, rugs, carpet cleaning, area rugs, cleaning

  • 21). Carpeting Issues - Traffic Lane Gray  By : James C
    The carpet in your home is subject to a lot of abuse. Because of that abuse and because of the characteristics of carpet it can develop a number of problems. One of those problems is Traffic Lane Gray. Traffic Lane Gray is a condition where the traffic lanes in a home start to look darker than the rest of the carpet. It is different from regular soiling because the darkness is not caused by soil but by scratched carpet fibers that no longer reflect as much light as the rest of the carpeting.
    Article Related to: carpet, flooring, floors, home improvement, carpeting, rugs, cleaning, decorating, area rug

  • 22). Carpeting Issues - Soot Lines  By : James C
    Your homes carpets deal with abuse on a daily basis. They have damaging foot traffic, spills, pets and a host of other factors to deal with. One factor that is overlooked is the damage that can be caused by candles. It may sound strange but candles can do a great deal of damage to your carpeting. When you think about candle damage to carpet you probably think about a candle tipping over and burning the carpet or spilling wax on it.
    Article Related to: carpet, flooring, floors, home improvement, carpeting, rugs, cleaning, decorating, area rug

  • 24). Cheap Carpet - Carpeting A Room For $20  By : Steve Gillman
    Do you want cheap carpet that you can easily install yourself? Well, I once carpeted a large bedroom for a total cost of about $12. You read that right, and no, the carpet was not used carpet. I did it with carpet samples. I bought them for 25 cent apiece at a closeout sale, and it took 36 squares of carpet to finish the room. The only other supplies I used were the staples, which cost about a dollar.
    Article Related to: cheap carpet, carpet, carpet stains

  • 25). Protect Your Carpeting From Dents  By : James C
    I'm sure it sounds weird. Denting your carpet. How do you dent a soft textile material like carpeting. Well it can be done. Learn how it happens and how to prevent it in this article. The backing of the carpet is much more rigid than the plush surface that we walk on. This layer of latex can be easily dented by heavy furniture that lays on it for a long period of time.
    Article Related to: carpet, carpeting, rugs, carpet cleaning, area rugs, cleaning


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