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Career Change Top Related Articles

  • 3). A Time To Take Stock, After Loosing Your Job  By : Nike Comfort
    In today’s highly volatile and ever-evolving job market, job security is fast becoming a thing of the past. Hundreds of thousands of people are laid off each year, and this figure is on the rise, so you are not alone! But depending on how long you were at your last job, you may find that you are somewhat rusty when it comes to how to look for a job in today’s environment.
    Article Related to: career, jobs, career change, career advice, employment

  • 12). Career Change Over 40  By : Waller Jamison
    As populations in the developed world are growing older and many countries are experiencing a crisis in the pension system, we are facing the prospect of having to work past the usual retirement age. Yet, at the same time, older people are not always welcomed back into the work force. Many also have difficulty finding a new job if they have an unbroken track record and are simply looking for a change in career after the age of 40.
    Article Related to: career change over 40, career change, self-employment, portfolio workers

  • 13). Overcoming Career Obstacles In Spite Of Disability  By : Nike Comfort
    Is your disability a reason not to aspire to great success in your career, great achievements and overall fulfillment? Absolutely not! There are some severely handicapped individuals who are incredibly successful and have attained prominent roles in politics, business and the sports arena. Some of these prominent people, you may find out, have even more severe handicaps than you and come from a more disadvantaged background than you.
    Article Related to: career, jobs, career change, career advice, employment

  • 14). Changing Careers Made Easy  By : Nike Comfort
    Are you finally ready to move on with your life? While it may sometimes feel like you are the only one in the world trying to change your plans, the average jobseeker actually changes careers seven times during his or her lifetime. That’s good news because at least you know that other people have successfully made career changes. So what are the options for successfully making the transition? Option 1: This option is to stay at your current job while you carry out volunteer work to gain the appropriate work experience.
    Article Related to: career, jobs, career change, career advice, employment

  • 24). Making Career Decisions Part 1  By : Waller Jamison
    Spring is traditionally a time for new beginnings and as we start to springclean our homes, some of us may be considering springcleaning our careers. Why are so many of us unhappy at work? There are probably as many reasons as there are unhappy people, but there are a few underlying factors which influence many of us. Think back to your school days and the careers advice you were given by teachers, advisors and your parents.
    Article Related to: career change, career choice, career decisions, new career, choosing a career

  • 25). Overcoming Unemployment In A Crowded Marketplace  By : Nike Comfort
    Being unemployed can take a major toll on your self-esteem, your financial situation, and your desire. If prolonged, it can also have a negative impact on your competency level (i.e., keeping up with skills, experience and attributes that are in demand in the job market). But don’t get down on yourself. As you look for a new job, you need to understand that there are thousands of others who are also unemployed and looking for a job.
    Article Related to: career, jobs, career change, career advice, employment


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