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Candles Top Related Articles

  • 1). Christmas and the Mistletoe Tradition  By : Catherine Spelling
    Have you ever wondered where some of our modern traditions came from? As the Christmas season approaches, I have been doing some research regarding certain holiday-related topics. My findings may surprise even the biggest scrooge! Mistletoe has been revered by certain cultures for many, many years. The ancient Celts of Britain felt that Mistletoe held sacred powers of healing, and that it contained the soul of the tree from which it was cut.
    Article Related to: christmas, mistletoe, lights, decorations, ornaments, candles

  • 2). History of Candle Making  By : Coffee Man
    Who invented the candle? Candles were invented independently in many countries. The Egyptians and Cretans made candles from beeswax, about 3000 BC. In the fourth century BC there were clay candle holders in Egypt. Qui Shi Huang (259 - 210 BC) was the first Emperor of the Qin Dynasty (221 - 206 BC). His mausoleum was rediscovered in the 1990s 22 miles east of Xi'an in China and contained candles made from whale fat.
    Article Related to: beeswax, candles, candle wicks, candle stands

  • 7). The Different Types Of Candles  By : Gray Rollins
    It is no wonder that candles are so popular. These simple light sources create a romantic setting in seconds. However, candles are also used in aromatherapy, to create a pleasant scent, or just to add a decorative element to a room. Candles can even be used in religious ceremonies and weddings. One of the most popular types of candles is the pillar candle. These candles are cylinder shaped and are made with wax. They are usually scented. People use these versatile candles ...
    Article Related to: candles

  • 9). Romantic Candles - Can You Handle the Results?  By : Charles Welf
    "Romantic candles not only lighten our path but also fill our lives and spirits with warmth and romance. The exuberant energy and smell exuded by the flame touches our heart and soul." That quote is from a friend of mine that writes for a living. I knew he was a big candle guy so I asked him why he liked to burn them. I then went on to ask my friend to put into words why candles are so romantic, I canít wait for you to read his response.
    Article Related to: romantic candles, candles, romantic, romance, love

  • 12). Bring On The Love With Aromatherapy Candles  By : Andrew Green
    When you are trying to incite a romantic mood you need to have some good quality aromatherapy candles to arm yourself with. These aromatherapy candles will be what makes or breaks your romantic evening. You need to take special care when choosing the aromatherapy candles that you want to use as well. There is nothing like a terrible smell to turn someone off and nothing like a great one to turn them on.
    Article Related to: candles, candle, arts, crafts, hobbies

  • 13). Add Scented Jar Candles To Any Room In Your Home  By : Andrew Green
    Any room in your home can benefit from the addition of some fantastic scented jar candles. The style of scented jar candles will never fade and they are durable and long lasting. The majority of scented jar candles will last anywhere from 50 to 120 hours. They always look great and they are some of the most affordable candles on the market today. Everyone loves nice scented jar candles, that is why they are so popular and hard to keep on the shelves of stores.
    Article Related to: candles, candle, home, decoration, remodeling

  • 14). Candles  By : smgenie
    A candle is a light source usually consisting of an internal wick which rises through the center of a column of solid fuel. Typically the fuel is some form of wax with paraffin wax being the most common. Prior to the candle being ignited, the wick is saturated with the fuel in its solid form. The heat of the match or other flame being used to light the candle first melts and then vaporizes a small amount of the fuel.
    Article Related to: candles, religious candles, fragrance candles, candle

  • 15). Candles - why people are making their own  By : john
    Candles are very cheap: you can get hundreds of small candles in a bag for the price of a Happy Meal, and the bigger ones arenít much more expensive. When itís so easy to just buy your candles in a shop, why on earth would you want to make candles yourself? Well, thatís like asking why youíd want to do a painting yourself when you could buy a print and put it in a frame.
    Article Related to: candles, wax, candlemaking

  • 18). Metal Candle Holders For The Antique Collector  By : Gerald Hopkins
    Metal candle holders offer antique collectors and decorators unique pieces of art for the home while being functional as well. Hand crafted metal candle holders are popular among artisan collectors for the varied material they are made of. For decorators, metal candle holders make a perfect tool for decorating any room of the house. Metal candle holders are also great decorations for the holidays to dress up the table or fireplace mantel.
    Article Related to: holders, candles, candle holders, home decor, home, house, lounge, bedroom

  • 19). Aromatherapy Ė Myth Or Reality  By : David Sanders
    The origin of aroma therapy can be traced back to pre historic period, in the countries of ancient Egypt, Far East and China. The concept aims at the holistic treatment of the human body by making use of the immensely useful essential oils obtained from various herbs and plants. The essential oils are normally obtained from the various parts of specific plants extracted by distillation and applied along with diluters such as almond oil, coconut oil etc.
    Article Related to: aromatherapy, candles, oils

  • 21). Candles and Wind Chimes for Sight, Sound and Smell  By : sheila
    Have you ever had the pleasure of Candles in your home or Wind chimes about the home? Candles can bring you so much pleasure as you watch the flame flicker or enjoy the wonderful aroma of your favorite scent. Candles have been used for many things in life. They have been used for the simple use of light, especially when the electricity is out. Theyíre use for the romantic evening is legendary.
    Article Related to: candles, windchimes

  • 22). Are Soy Candles Better Than Your Average Candle?  By : Andrew Green
    Everyone loves candles and they are a great way to add warmth and comfort to your home. You even have a few choices of candles such as regular wax candles and soy candles. Candles are affordable and they can last for a very long time. The best part about candles is that they look good both lit and unlit. Oddly enough most people, me included, own candles that they never intend to light for fear of ruining their beauty.
    Article Related to: candles, soy candles, arts, craft, hobby, hobbies

  • 23). Scented Candles And Their Soothing Power  By : Jane Simpson
    Are you sick and tired of thinking of the perfect gift to give to your friends on their birthdays? Maybe you want to give something a lot more personalized aside from your homey but boring batches of chocolate chip cookies. You hate the thought of giving out generic gifts because you also very much abhor receiving run-of-the-mill gifts that go straight in your basement.
    Article Related to: candles, essential oils

  • 24). Wedding Candles  By : Slava Diamy
    The candle is a powerful symbol of life, party, romance, wealth and spirituality: it embodies the energy of fire, and the dancing flame reminds spiritual elevation. The candle is a natural source of light (fire being dominated by man) and it acts as a link between the ethereal and the material world: indeed, the wax, the wick combined with fire and air make a synthesis of the elements in their union, which can be compared to the couple united by wedlock.
    Article Related to: wedding, candle, candles


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