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Calories Top Related Articles

  • 13). Incline Treadmill Review  By :
    Most people buying a treadmill want one with an incline (also called treadmill elevation). It used to be that incline on a treadmill was a bonus feature. However today, most motorized treadmills come with an incline option. The difference seems to be in the amount of elevation available. If you're looking for an economy treadmill (under $1000) you'll probably find most treadmills only come with a 10-12% incline (however that can be enough for most people - especially for those new to treadmill exercise).
    Article Related to: treadmill, incline, treadmills, trainer, walking, calories, calorie, burned, high, x5, nordic, track, inclines

  • 18). Muscle Fiber Types and Contraction  By : Nicky Pilkington
    Muscles generate heat and force for movement, help us breathe, and keep our bodies upright. Skeletal muscle tissue is composed of two fibers, actin (thin fibers) and myosin (thick fibers). These two fibers give the muscle a striated appearance. In order for muscle to contract it must first be stimulated by nerves called motor neurons. A single motor neuron and the muscle fibers stimulated by it is called a motor unit. The recruiting motor units play a large part in the force of the muscle during contraction.
    Article Related to: fitness, exercise, muscle, strength, calories, metabolism, aerobic, anaerobic, outdoor, weight loss

  • 21). A Case for the Radish  By : Nicky Pilkington
    They sit left behind on relish trays. They’re often by-passed in grocery store refrigerator shelves. Dad and Grandpa usually eat them but later complain of belching them up. The poor radish has gotten a bum rap. There are at least five different varieties; but for now, the popular, red globe variety will be spotlighted. They are a great source of vitamin C and an excellent low calorie snack (only 12 calories in a half cup of radishes). Radishes are root vegetables that are classified in the cabbage and mustard family, thus their strong taste.
    Article Related to: diet, nutrition, food, eating, fruit, protein, low carb, fat, overweight, calories, vitamins

  • 23). Burn Calories With Everyday Activities  By : Kadence Buchanan
    When you think about exercise, do you automatically imagine yourself on a treadmill in a gym? Or doing laps in a swimming pool? If so, you might be surprised to know just how many calories you can burn doing everyday activities. Housework is one chore that everyone has to do at some point. Rather than dread it, proceed briskly through your chores and you can have an excellent workout.
    Article Related to: exercise, calories, burn calories, everyday activities

  • 25). Cardio Does Not Burn That Much Fat!  By : Jonathan Perez
    Copyright 2006 Jonathan Perez The factor we are going to consider here is if cardio burns a significant amount of calories, hence lose weight / burn fat, while performing the aerobic activity. Well, obviously, any activity you perform, whether it's cardio, lifting, mowing the lawn, etc., requires the body to burn calories for fuel and energy. So, yes, cardio burns calories / fat / weight.
    Article Related to: weight loss, burn fat, how to lose weight, calories


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