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Bedding Top Related Articles

  • 2). Thomasville Bedding Ensembles  By : randall
    Widely acknowledged as one of the leaders in luxury bedding, Thomasville is also renowned for the variety of its product offerings. Southwestern bedding, If you are interested in Southwestern bedding, you should consider the Tahoe or Guest Cabin ensemble. Tahoe is a contemporary Southwestern woven design, featuring printed warp and chenille yarns.
    Article Related to: thomasville, bedding, ensemble, design, interior, bedroom

  • 3). Modern Electric Blankets - New Styles of Electric Blankets  By : Cory Willins
    Not like the ones belonging to your grandmother, the new styles of electric blanket have really changed to enhance your sleeping comfort. New electric blankets now come with heat sensors that turn the blanket on and off to keep a desired temperature in the bed while you sleep. No longer just a matter of setting the temperature and plugging it in, these blankets are designed to keep your sleep as comfortable and cozy as possible.
    Article Related to: electric blankets, blankets, electric, bedding

  • 6). Guaranteed Gladioli, Summer Colour That Returns  By : James Kilkelly
    Would you like a summer bedding plant that you do not have to renew year after year? Well by planting hybrid Gladiolus corms, you can attain mid to late summer colour year after year with only occasional renewal. Colourful blooms Sometimes called gladioli bulbs (more correctly gladioli corms), these South African members of the Iris family are ideal for colour impact.
    Article Related to: gladioli, bedding, corms, summer, colour

  • 12). Choosing A Down Comforter  By : Dennis Conner
    We spend one third of our valuable life in the cozy comfort of our bed and the rest only is spent for our active life. This is not to suggest that you need to sleep less but to remind you about the need for a durable and luxurious down comforter to make at least one third of your life rich and trouble free. Like any other wise purchase we make, the money we spend for a down comforter should also fetch its worth and the piece we buy has to be the most suited for the need whether it is for the warmth, luxury or simple good sleep.
    Article Related to: down comforter, bedding, silk comforter

  • 13). My Quest For The Perfect Mattress  By : Mike
    It seems to me like everyone I have talked to lately has had the same problem my wife and I did in finding a mattress we both liked so I thought I would write about our experiences. We had a mattress that was about 15 years old and had that sag in the middle. You know the one where if you lay on your side you’ll roll backwards into each other? We decided it was time to get a new mattress so we went to our local furniture store and tried several different models from all the top names.
    Article Related to: mattresses, mattress, futon mattresses, waterbed, air mattress, foam mattress, sheets, bedding

  • 16). Looking For The Perfect Pillow  By : Kevin Harris
    Your pillow can be your best friend or your worst enemy. After all you spend one-third of your life with your pillow and it knows better than anybody how you sleep best and how you sleep worst. Doesn't it make sense to make the right choice to provide yourself the most comfort and the best sleep during that significant portion of your life. In order to get the most out of your pillow you really should give it more than a passing thought.
    Article Related to: pillows, bedding, sleep

  • 17). What To Look For When Purchasing An Air Mattress  By : Donna Somerkin
    If you are in the market for an air mattress, consider your options carefully before purchase. There are many makes, models, and manufacturers of air mattresses available for sell on the commercial market, so choosing the best one for your needs can make all the difference. In addition to quality, size, and cost of the air mattress, you should also look into the intended purpose of the mat and be sure to follow all associated directions.
    Article Related to: air mattress, bedding, beds, mattress, bed frames

  • 18). Contemporary Bedding Ensembles  By : randall
    When shopping for new bedding ensembles for your home many retailers will refer to their product lines as Contemporary. Contemporary bedding itself doesn’t really have a concrete definition. Often the definition will vary depending on who you ask, and even when you ask them. Like the clothing industry, bedding fashions change over time and a pattern or style which today falls under “contemporary” or “modern” may very well be considered under a different heading in the future.
    Article Related to: bedding, ensembles, bedroom, thomasville, interior, design, home, improvement


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