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Bathroom Taps Top Related Articles

  • 1). Consumer's Guide To Bathroom Taps  By : James Hickman
    This article explains the key questions that you should consider when purchasing new taps for your bathroom. The information is aimed at consumers in the United Kingdom. Question 1: Whats the tap made of ? Taps can be made from a range of materials of varying quality and cost. A general rule of thumb is that the heavier the tap the better the quality of materials used! Plastic Plastic taps are very cheap and very low quality.
    Article Related to: bathroom taps, plumbing, diy, home improvement, bath

  • 2). Bathroom Taps Choosing The One You Need  By : Joshua Wills
    Whether you're designing anew home, remodeling your bathroom, or adding a bathroom to your existing home, you'll need to choose bathroom taps for your new bathroom. Ceramic disk valves vs conventional valves Do the taps you are consider have Ceramic disk valves or conventional screw down valves? The ceramic valves are considered to provide better function, but are generally more expensive.
    Article Related to: bathroom taps


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