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  • 6). Birthday Cards - A Brief History  By : John Francis
    Have you noticed just how large the card section at your local grocery store has become? Did you know that there are entire businesses devoted to the selling of cards? One of the biggest occasions is someone’s birthday, and the sheer volume of available cards leaves many a would-be customer somewhat breathless in the attempt to score just the right card for the occasion.
    Article Related to: birthday gift ideas, birthday cards, arts and crafts

  • 18). Design your Electrical Lamp  By : Simon Will
    We’ve got a little theme going: designs formed from their mechanical parts. The Electrical Lamp, by designer Tommy Dykes, is made from an old electrical cable which runs from outlet to electrical bulb, with the body molded around a used wine bottle. The eco-lamp comes with a super-efficient electrical bulb that provides up to 50,000 hours of light (which they calculate at 27 years at a rate of 5hrs/day).
    Article Related to: electrical lamp, home appliances, home décor, arts & crafts


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