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Area Rugs Top Related Articles

  • 5). Considering Buying A Turkish Area Rug?  By : Gray Rollins
    Turkish Rugs So, you are looking for a piece of art to invest in, but youíd like it to be useful, too. Have you considered buying a rug? Quality Turkish rugs are beautiful, functional pieces that can really hold their value. Even better, these rugs can fit any budget. A large, well woven handmade rug can cost as much as four thousand dollars, while a small machine made rug may cost as little as forty or fifty dollars.
    Article Related to: turkish rugs, area rugs

  • 6). Repairing Loose Carpet  By : James C
    When carpeting is installed in a home, it is stretched over your floor onto tack strips which secure it on the sides. Over time with general use and age your carpet will actually stretch out. This will often show itself as wrinkles and loose spots in your carpeting. So how do you repair these wrinkles, is there a way? Yes, to get rid of these unsightly wrinkles, you need to have your rugs professionally stretched.
    Article Related to: flooring, floors, carpeting, area rugs, carpet, stretching, stretcher, repair, home improvement

  • 7). Do Chair Mats Protect Your Carpeting?  By : James C
    It is a pretty common sight in a home office. You have a rolling chair on top of a chair mat. The mat is there to keep your carpet safe from the damage that the chairs rollers can cause. But do they do more harm than good? There is no question that rolling chairs can quickly wear out your carpet. Because of that you should never place a rolling chair onto your carpeting.
    Article Related to: carpet, carpeting, rugs, carpet cleaning, area rugs, cleaning

  • 8). Barber Carpeting Pros and Cons  By : James C
    Berber carpeting is carpet with a continuous loop. Unlike cut pile carpet one carpet yarn will run from one end to the other. Traditionally it was a hand woven wool carpet but today it is machine made and can be made from any material from Olefin to Nylon. It has become a very popular carpet but is it right for you. The benefit of Berber carpet is that it is somewhat resistant to foot traffic.
    Article Related to: carpet, carpeting, rugs, carpet cleaning, area rugs, cleaning

  • 11). Protect Your Carpeting From Dents  By : James C
    I'm sure it sounds weird. Denting your carpet. How do you dent a soft textile material like carpeting. Well it can be done. Learn how it happens and how to prevent it in this article. The backing of the carpet is much more rigid than the plush surface that we walk on. This layer of latex can be easily dented by heavy furniture that lays on it for a long period of time.
    Article Related to: carpet, carpeting, rugs, carpet cleaning, area rugs, cleaning

  • 12). Decorating Tips For Area Rugs  By : Genuine Area Rugs
    Instead of replacing your flooring, consider decorating with area rugs. There are plenty of options out there when it comes to these rugs. You can dress up a hallway or add color to a bedroom. They are easy to find, affordable to purchase and they offer you the ability to move them around as you see fit. With so many benefits of area rugs, you can easily add these to your home for a beautiful, dramatic look change.
    Article Related to: area rug decorating, area rugs, area rug, decorating

  • 14). Types of Carpeting  By : James C
    Carpeting can be made with a variety of different fibers. These fibers have different characteristics that will drastically effect the way the carpet performs. Read along to find out about the three most common types of fibers used in carpeting. The first material I will discuss is Olefin or Polypropylene. Olefin is generally a lower end carpeting but it does have several good qualities.
    Article Related to: carpet, area rugs, carpeting, olefin, nylon, wool, flooring, floors, home improvement, home repair

  • 17). What Not To Do To Your Carpeting  By : James C
    Carpet can be difficult to take care of. This is especially true if you have kids or pets constantly dirtying them up. This article will help you maintain your carpet by letting you know what not to do to them. The biggest mistake people make is not using the right chemicals on their carpet. The only thing you should use on your carpet is a spotter designed for carpeting.
    Article Related to: carpet, carpeting, rugs, carpet cleaning, area rugs, cleaning

  • 18). Why Do Spots Keep Coming Back In My Carpeting?  By : James C
    Do you have one of those spots on your carpet that just won't go away? You clean it again and again and in a day or two it just comes right back. Would you like to know what is causing it and how to treat it? I'm sure you would so read on and find out what is behind that mystery spot. The reason that a spot comes back is because of residue. Some kind of residue is on your carpet causing soil to be attracted to and stick to the carpet.
    Article Related to: carpet, carpeting, rugs, carpet cleaning, area rugs, cleaning

  • 19). Choosing The Perfect Area Rug For Your Home  By : Ethan K. Roberts
    Area rugs are such a beautiful contribution to any room in your home and often they are the first thing that catches the eye as someone walks into the room. Because of that, does it not make sense to select and choose the right area rug for each room of your home? Area rugs come in just about every size, shape, and color combination you can think of.
    Article Related to: area rug, area rugs

  • 22). How An Area Rug Can Make The Perfect Room Accent  By : Gray Rollins
    If you have beautiful hardwood, marble, or slate floors, you probably want to make sure they stay beautiful. Area rugs are a great way to protect floors without covering them up completely. Of course, area rugs can be so pretty and decorative that some people also use them in a room that has wall to wall carpet just so they can add some decorative touches to the room.
    Article Related to: rugs, area rugs, oriental rugs

  • 24). How To Buy Kidís Rugs  By : Genuine Area Rugs
    Those that are looking to add a lot of fun to their childís room should consider the addition of kidís rugs. There are some really amazing choices out there that your children will love. No matter if they are just babies or a blossoming teen; they will enjoy having a great looking room to call their own. It used to be that many parents just left their carpeting on the floor of these rooms to provide enough comfort and padding.
    Article Related to: kids rugs, kids rug, area rugs, area rug, rug

  • 25). Tips In Choosing Area Rugs  By : Scott Miller
    A house or office may be very minimalist but what can make it an eye pleaser are the accessories and furnishings, properly used and coordinated with the other furniture in the room. One such furnishing that can be used to achieve an over-all effect is the use of area rugs. Area rugs are available in all shapes and sizes and definitely in all colors.
    Article Related to: area rugs, carpets, design


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