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Affordable Top Related Articles

  • 7). Making Shopping Lists  By : Joseph Kenny
    Most people these days are in a position to comfortably pay for the necessities of life. Bills like rent and electricity as well as food and clothing expenses, while not cheap, are at least affordable for most people who are in employment. What causes most people the financial hardships that they experience is the discretionary expenditures that they make.
    Article Related to: credit, financial, spending, control, purchases, unnecessary, affordable, cards, cash

  • 10). Affordable Car Insurance - It Is Out There!  By : Greg Haehl
    Everyone wants affordable car insurance but nobody wants to pay the price. That may not have made much sense to you but the insurance buyer has to be better informed. There has to be some time spent on educating yourself enough to make intelligent decisions about your next insurance purchase. Too many folks avoid all responsibility when it comes to buying car insurance.
    Article Related to: affordable, car, insurance

  • 11). Barcelona: Europe And Affordable Unite  By : Omri Amir
    The best things in life are free – at least, in Barcelona. A vibrant city famous for its architecture and geographical splendors, Barcelona is also the perfect destination for the frugal traveler looking for a fun trip that won’t force you to remortgage your home. After the obvious expenses (plane ticket and Barcelona hotel) you can experience this European city without barely cracking open your wallet.
    Article Related to: barcelona, europe, affordable, unite, easytobook

  • 12). Affordable Golf For Seniors  By : Robert Palmer
    An affordable senior golf course can be found in Calistoga, California, known for it's small town atmosphere, great hot mineral pools and mud baths. The Mount Saint Helens Golf Course is located near downtown and is a public municipal course (Rating/Slope 66.4/102). It is flat, well maintained and walkable. The 9 hole course is very affordable. It has golf car and club rentals available.
    Article Related to: golf, senior, affordable, travel

  • 21). Finding an Affordable Prom Dress  By : Stephanie Smith
    It's not supposed to happen, but sometimes it does. The day is approaching. It's almost here, the day that you have dreamed about since you were a little girl- it's your prom. You have visualized the gown you would wear, your gorgeous hairstyle, in fact you even had the boy picked out who would be your date, but now, something has gone terribly wrong- you are short on cash and need to buy a gown.
    Article Related to: inexpensive prom dress, affordable, cheap


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