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Advertising Top Related Articles

  • 3). Make Sure That Your Advertising Is Working  By : Hans Hasselfors
    As a small business owner, every dollar you spend is a dollar that comes right out of your pocket and affects your profit margin, especially when you're trying to grow your business. If you're going to succeed, you have to pay close attention to your bottom line and look for creative, innovative ways to cut costs while still getting what you need. That old saying that it "takes money to make money" has never been truer than when it comes to promoting your business.
    Article Related to: small business, advertising

  • 4). "Starbucks-China" Blend: A Slam Dunk Grande  By : Joseph Pratt
    Admittedly, there are few genuine “can’t miss” propositions. But I’ve got one for you, Starbucks in China. Giant corporations being granted carte blanche in a totalitarian environment are reminiscent of an age when kings granted exclusive licensing for fur trapping. Starbucks has the product, the relationships, and with some nimble campaigning they’ll have the ubiquitous branding in no time.
    Article Related to:, starbucks, china, growth, advertising, search

  • 8). Poor Advertising of a Good Product  By : Carol Miller
    Advertisers always pay attention at the range of products being advertised. Let’s imagine there is a revolutionary new product to be advertised. Regardless the immense budget and well-planned company the advertising still seems ineffective. Where is the mistake (mistakes) hidden? To find this out we’ll have to start a deep analysis of what is going on.
    Article Related to: advertising, product

  • 9). Word Of Mouth Advertising - Steps To Create Awareness  By : Sherry Frewerd
    Word of mouth advertising creates an awareness campaign where your business information travels from person to person, creating a world wind of awareness. For a new business start-up, word of mouth marketing is often the best and most effective advertising method. Newspaper print and classified ads can get very expensive, and have lost much of their effectiveness with the popularity of the internet in the past decade.
    Article Related to: advertising, marketing, home business, small business

  • 14). Illustration in Marketing Materials  By : viojieley
    Not so many years ago businesses used to grunt at using illustrations in their marketing materials. But today, the use and influence of illustrations is growing right along. An illustration, image or picture that does not express a distinct idea is a poor illustration. It should be clearly drawn with an abundance of ideas to be conveyed in the fewest line possible.
    Article Related to: poster, printing, services, advertising

  • 16). Your Advertising Does Not Have To Be Boring  By : Rick Hendershot
    Here is an advertising design idea that will challenge you to make imaginative ads rather than boring ones. I call it the "Photo ID Design Model" and it is a very useful device if you create advertising for your company or organization. It is one of the easiest and most effective ways to create a striking ad, banner or poster. And it will almost always give you a result that gets noticed.
    Article Related to: advertising, advertising design

  • 21). It’s Not Funny Unless it Sells  By : Alex A. Kecskes
    We've all encountered humor in advertising. TV ads showing smart dogs fetching their owners a beer. Radio spots with aliens purifying our drinking water. Print ads with famous people wearing milk mustaches. Many use dry wit. Others are just plain silly. A few are in bad taste. And some, heaven forbid, aren't even funny. Humor has its place Does humor really work in advertising? Is it okay to get a few laughs when talking about your product or service? Does humor sell? There are no absolutes, no easy answers.
    Article Related to: advertising, copywriting, copywriters, writing, advertising copy, ads, brochures, mailers, web content


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