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  • 9). It’s Not Funny Unless it Sells  By : Alex A. Kecskes
    We've all encountered humor in advertising. TV ads showing smart dogs fetching their owners a beer. Radio spots with aliens purifying our drinking water. Print ads with famous people wearing milk mustaches. Many use dry wit. Others are just plain silly. A few are in bad taste. And some, heaven forbid, aren't even funny. Humor has its place Does humor really work in advertising? Is it okay to get a few laughs when talking about your product or service? Does humor sell? There are no absolutes, no easy answers.
    Article Related to: advertising, copywriting, copywriters, writing, advertising copy, ads, brochures, mailers, web content

  • 14). Exploit Your Brand To The Fullest  By : Marcia Yudkin
    A brand goes beyond a company name and tagline. It is a complete personality or set of values, sometimes even a story line, along with repeated visual, auditory and behavioral elements. When you decide to invest in creating a brand, follow these guidelines to ensure that you get your money's worth: 1. Be distinctive. You'll land your company in expensive legal hot water if you attempt to steal or encroach on another company's identity.
    Article Related to: branding, business, marketing, sales, advertising, naming, names, trademarks, ads, logos

  • 16). Search in the Far East  By : Jeff Conduct
    To stay relevant or even solvent, a company must keep itself informed. That’s why research, of both the in-house and outsourced varieties, is essential. At keeping tabs on who’s doing what in the marketplace is key to our success, and it doesn’t matter whether our information comes via mailman or email - at the end of the day, it’s still content, right? Recently, I happened to come upon the work of a reliable investment banking firm that specializes in Chinese tech research, New York Global Securities.
    Article Related to: search, engine, marketing, internet, interactive, advertising, adwords. overture, google, yahoo, baidu, china, adsense, ask, msn, ads


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