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  • 4). Power Words  By : Wendy Weiss
    I conducted a teleconference a few weeks ago with people who were new in sales and new to prospecting. The focus of the call was to help participants get beyond fear and understand their prospecting process. One of the participants on the call told me that she had been given the telephone prospecting script that her team leader uses to set appointments.
    article related to: business, business marketing, cold calling, sales calling, prospects

  • 5). The Five Cardinal Sins Salespeople Commit  By : Bill Brooks
    We have very candid conversations with the sales professionals who come to our seminars and through those discussions we’ve discovered five critical errors that most salespeople make. Of course, we help them correct those mistakes, but it’s somewhat surprising as to how common they are. Here are the mistakes, see if you commit them in your own sales career.
    article related to: sales management

  • 14). IT Sales Calls: Getting Past the Gatekeeper  By : Joshua Feinberg
    IT sales calls require connecting with the right person in order to be successful. However, getting past the gatekeepers is no easy feat. In this article, you'll learn some techniques to help get you in touch with the person you need to for your IT sales calls. IT Sales Cold Calls are Difficult How do you get past the secretary gatekeeper/screener who only takes your name and number and says we’re not interested? This typically happens when you are cold calling so you may want to try another method of gaining new clients.
    article related to: it-sales, it sales, it marketing, it-marketing

  • 15). Paint a Picture With Your Words  By : Jay
    Paint a Picture With Your Words Depending on what you sell, it is not always easy to get your point across, so it is very important to paint a picture with your words to give your customer a visual of your product, or a visual of themselves using your product. When you are meeting someone face to face, and you can show them your product up close, it is easy for them to get a visual because they are looking at it with their own eye’s, and they can hold it in their own hands.
    article related to: sales, marketing, loan officer, mortgage, leads, telemarketing, skills, training, communication, selling

  • 19). Sales Mindset vs. Sales Training  By : Clayton Shold
    Picture the announcer in the middle of the ring broadcasting - "In this corner, wearing the red shorts we have the challenger, weighing 217 pounds, winner of this year's collegiate championship, introducing Sales Mindset. Defending the long-standing domination of this event, winner of 35 title bouts, defending heavyweight champion, weighing 224 pounds, in the black shorts, please welcome Sales Training.
    article related to: sales training, sales mindset, sales success, effective thinkers

  • 22). Follow-Up: Diligence and Persistence Pay off  By : Joshua Feinberg
    Follow up is a critical activity for maximizing your lead potential. Whenever you meet anyone you should immediately send a follow up letter, postcard, phone call – anything to keep your name in their mind. You go to meetings and business networking events to make contacts. The contacts you make might not be interested right away but if you do a good job of follow-up, when they are ready they know who to call.
    article related to: follow up, follow-up

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