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  • 2). School Prayer, Right Or Wrong  By : David G. Hallstrom, Sr.
    In the Bill Of Rights, the First Amendment to the Constitution, titled "Freedom of Religion, Press, Expression" states the following: "Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof; or abridging the freedom of speech, or of the press; or the right of the people peaceably to assemble, and to petition the Government for a redress of grievances.
    article related to: school, prayer, politics, religion, political, religious

  • 4). Is China's Economy Growing Too Fast?  By : V.P.
    The President of China - Hu Jintao, announced Sunday that the economy grew faster than expected - 10.2 percent in the first quarter of 2006 compared with one year earlier, but said the government was concerned about overly rapid growth. Chinese leaders have warned repeatedly that rapid growth could spark inflation or leave the country littered with unneeded factories and luxury apartments, causing problems for banks that financed them.
    article related to: china, growth, gdp, ndp, product, domestic, national

  • 5). Six Thought Provoking Questions  By : Steve Gillman
    Thought provoking questions usually put forth a certain viewpoint, if only because they inherently challenge the accepted one. However, they don't require you to agree with that viewpoint, and a question is just a question. We'll each have different answers to the following, despite their provocative intent. Thought Provoking Questions - Politics 1.
    article related to: thought provoking questions, thought provoking, ideas

  • 9). The Sales Boom in Diesel Motorhomes Defies the Economic Forecasts  By : David C Skul
    Thor Industries Chief Executive Wade Thompson, whose business is the globe's largest allocator of diesel pusher motor coaches and travel trailers, is looking forward to the holiday ramble industry's overall product shipments to ascend in 2005 for the fourth straight yearly performance period. Thompson and chief executives of three rivals pronounced they are projecting to quest after extra product delivery staff and originate industrial facilities to deal with rising demand.
    article related to: recreational vehicles for sale

  • 10). Fast Food : No Legal Recourse  By : Jason Martin
    Do you eat fast food? You must. According to the House of Representatives, the fast food industry is a significant part of our national economy. It did not become that way be having few customers. Many independent researches have found that fast food is unhealthy and causes weight gain. This research suggests there is something “faulty” with fast food.
    article related to: jason a martin, politics, fast food, weight loss, law, legal, laws, food

  • 11). The problem with "Fad" diets  By : Paul Duxbury
    Fad diets are well known about their promise of bringing some instant weight loss. First of all you should pay your doctor a visit before starting an

  • 12). Is the Media Blocking the Message of American’s who Don’t Support Israel?  By : Murad Ali
    The strong U.S. support for Israel is daunting to most Muslims. A poll conducted by the LA Times indicates that in the recent assault of Israel against the Lebanese that 43% of Americans believe the attack was justified and not harsh in its treatment of the Lebanese people (Wallsten & Ghlert, 2006). Yet the study also showed that 44% of Americans feel that the war was either not justified or that the Israeli response was excessive.
    article related to: israel, news, media, bias

  • 13). Rush Limbaugh's The Way Things Ought To Be (Book Review)  By : Britt Gillette
    Few books have rocked the publishing world like Rush Limbaugh's "The Way Things Ought To Be" (which he wrote by utilizing "talent on loan from God".) This book, along with author's daily radio program, literally launched a revolution - touching everything from the composition of Congress in 1994 to the resurrection of AM talk radio. Unlike his second.
    article related to: rush limbaugh

  • 15). How To Immigrate To Canada  By : frank vanderlugt
    Pierre Trudeau changed Canada's immigration laws and opened wide the country's doors to Africans, Asians and West Indians as part of an attempt to fill its huge, underpopulated hinterland. The result is that today eighteen percent of the population is now foreign-born compared with about 11 percent in the United States, with little or no debate over whether the effects of such change in culture, demographics and national identity is good or bad.
    article related to: canadian immigration, immigration

  • 17). Solving the Immigration Problem:  By : Charles Read
    Nothing President Bush said last night (5/15/06) will have any real impact on illegal immigration. I hate to criticize the President but that’s my professional opinion. I have several payroll companies that prepare payroll for businesses around the country. Immigration, legal and illegal, is driven by the opportunities offered in this country. Those opportunities exist because we have the “Three Rules of Wealth” as I use to call them when I taught High School.
    article related to: immigration, illegal immigration

  • 22). Privacy Versus Security  By : David G. Hallstrom, Sr.
    Lately the far left, the Democrats, certain left wing celebrities, ultra liberal newspaper reporters and editors and network news reporters and commentators have been ranting and raving about how President Bush has illegally taken away our right to privacy by signing an Executive Order allowing the National Security Agency to intercept certain communications between people of interest, in the United States, and people in certain other countries.
    article related to: privacy, security, politics, political, president, bush, national security, nsa

  • 24). Hemp and Marijuana - ELIMINATING THE CONFUSION  By : Coffee Man
    “Hemp/industrial hemp” and “marijuana” are two distinct varieties of the same plant species. “Hemp” is a fiber crop. “Marijuana” is a drug crop. However, these definitions have become confused in the last 60 years. Recently, a movement has begun to distinguish the terms again. It is important to understand the history of usage of these terms in order to eliminate the confusion.
    article related to: industrial hemp, hemp oil, hemp, cannabis sativa

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